Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Giant in our Yard

Lloyd and I been in Arizona since early February and have a chance to watch spring come to our yard.  We've picked and eaten tangerines, lemons and oranges from our fruit trees and watched as other sleeping plants revived.

The most amazing plant this year, to us at least, was the blossoming of the Argentine Giant.  We planted it about six years ago and it has grown a lot since then but we have never seen it bloom.  When Mickey and I were here last year it was just on the verge of blooming when we had to leave. It bloomed the next day we were told, the flowers only lasting a day or two before wilting in the Arizona heat.

Last year's buds
I've watched it these past few weeks as buds began to appear, taking pictures of its progress and sending them to Mickey back in Edmonton. She will be arriving on Sunday and has been hoping the giant would hold off blossoming until then.  But nature waits for no man, or woman either apparently.

We noticed the buds changing throughout the day yesterday and we're sure it would bloom this morning.  Surprise, surprise!  When we went out last night well after dark there they were! Blooms!  Large beautiful white blossoms!  Apparently Argentine Giants are nocturnal! Who knew? We were so glad we didn't miss them.  They're a bit fuller this morning and even more beautiful.

What we found last night

Close up of one of the larg beautiful blossoms this morning

So that's our excitement for today - Argentine Giant in bloom.
It was worth waiting for.