Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stopping in the Woods On a Snowy Evening

Lloyd and I drove home from Lethbridge today - a 5.5 hour drive. During the last hour of the drive it was through what the weathermen call "light snow". Luckily Lloyd is a good, experienced snow driver so I wasn't worried about sliding off the road. To make things interesting I got my camera out (always nearby in my purse) and started taking pictures. Since the car was moving, they're slightly out of focus but I like them anyway.

The isolation provided by the snow reminded me of my favorite poem by Robert Frost (actually the only one I know of his, I think.)

This link will take you to a video of Mr. Frost reciting this Pulitzer prize winning poem.

We took the secondary highways (2-lane) home rather than the busy freeway to avoid congestion and trucks.

The tree branches were burdened down with snow that has been falling for over a week now.

The bales of hay are getting buried in the snow, becoming invisible from all buy the front.

With company like this good looking guy, the trip through the snow was a very pleasant experience. It's good to be home. It was a quick trip - down Friday evening and home on Sunday.


Mickey said...

I love taking pics in the snow too! Like the one I took of the house in car on way home from lunch. Guess I can't get over how much snow has accumulated in 16 days of snowing! We apparently haven't had a day without snow in this year so far!

Lucy (aka RHarper) said...

Minus the evergreen trees, the snowy roads and blizzardy wind really takes me back to when I lived in North Dakota. That was a fun drive for you. :)