Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sky Shots and Scrapbooking

I looked up from my computer a few minutes ago (at 4:55 pm)and saw this out of the window.

When I was out earlier it was a bright sunny day.  By the time I finished lunch with two of my daughters, it was snowing.  When I got home in the early afternoon it was brightening up again.  Then, as you will see, in the last 20 minutes or so, the sky changed again.

The wind was picking up and the clouds starting drifting away faster.

Five minutes later, it was just one solid mass of clouds.

And then more clouds and less light.  Right now it's very dark out, and clouds.  We won't be seeing any starshine tonight. 

At least we're out of our deep freeze.  It was 2C today - quite balmy!  I left my heavy parka at home and just wore a lighter leather jacket and was very comfortable.  The weather forecaster I was listening to on the way home called today's weather "moody".  I thought that was a very apt term seeing as how it changed every few minutes all day long.

On Monday my friend Mickey and I finally got back to our scrapbooking.  We hadn't done any since a couple of weeks before Christmas.  It was nice to get out the papers and photos and do something creative with them again.

Granddaughter Layla's school picture - Grade 2

Her brother Baron's pre-school picture.  I put both pictures in because the one on the right is so funny - he's making a sucked-in-lips face, we think to stop from smiling for the camera.  He's had a haircut since this picture was taken.

I also made a couple of birthday cards from I kit I've had around for awhile.

The week is half over already.  Hope you're having a good one.




I LOVE looking at the sky and clouds, watching it change. Your temps sound comparable to ours today. AMAZING! Your scrapbook pages are precious. Your grandchildren adorable.

Mickey said...

It was quite a day weather wise. It was strange to see the rain and then the wind and snow. I liked the temp though!! Your layouts are beautiful and it felt wonderful scrapping again! Have a wonderful vacation.

Anonymous said...

Them's some mighty good-lookin grand-children you've got there. Keep on postin'!

Magpie said...

What unusual weather you're having! It's always a good day spent spending time with a friend doing something you both love.

Holly said...

My toes are cold just looking at those photos. It's supposed to be 75F here today, come on home! The scrapbooking pages look great. Did you ever get a chance to go by CropGirls on Peoria when you were here?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Our skies have been looking more like the 3rd picture there this week. Very dark. I think some sun will be coming tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. I like the description of moody. Moody weather for sure. Your scrap booking pages are wonderful. Great pictures too. Have a great Thursday!

just call me jo said...

Saw an owl the other day in Pier 1 and thought of you. The skies are lovely but I'm cold looking at them too. The scrapping is dandy. Enjoy that balmy weather. (You're crazy, you know.)

LaelShine said...

Your grandson is my kind of kid:) Funny guy!

The weather changes so rapidly here doesn't it?

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Your grandchildren use to be all babies and more their littles!! Where has the time gone?
Love your header picture! So darn cute!