Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And the Fun Continues...

Yesterday I took the girls to Uncle Mike and Aunt Avril's home a short distance away so they could visit with their cousins Kenny, Alex and Hannah, as well as the brown kitten, Chip, whose mother and siblings still live with Charlie's family.

The kids were worried that Charlie had come to take Chip back home with her.

But after a quick hug, snuggle, and a scratch or two, Charlie was content
to leave Chip there with his new family.

Then the universal ice breaker among kids of all ages - video games.

On our way home from Mike's place we saw a sign pointing off the highway to
a place called Park Lake Provincial Park.  So we turned down that road to see
if it looked like a place we'd like to spend some time.  It turned out to be a smallish lake with a
well maintained beach and camper facilities, so after the girls pronounced the water 'fine' we
left with a promise to return the next day with bathing suits and towels.

But first thing today we capitalized on their love of their first cemetery trip and we drove 45 inutes south to Cardston to visit the graves of their great grandparents, Lloyd's parents, Ralph and Thelma MacKenzie.  We bought some flowers and a couple of stained glass lawn ornaments to decorate the grave.  They thought it was quite special.

And since we were in Cardston we had to go see the Temple. 
We have a picture of Kenzie's parents on their wedding day
standing in the same spot the girls are in this picture.

Then on to the restored pioneer home of Charles Card, the founder of Cardston.

It was a hands-on display so when the kids saw the old fashioned hats
hanging on the hat rack, they had to try some of them on.

The girls were particularly fascinated, and a bit horrified I think, by this bathtub,
which the sign said was only available for the wealthy people of the time.
The girls thought they'd rather be dirty, or bathe in the river like the men did.

Did you know that Fay Wray, the heroine of the original King Kong movie was a Canadian?
Born right here in Cardston, Alberta.  The city built a fountain and this metal sign for it in her memory.  (I took the picture from the car and missed all but a corner of the fountain.  Sorry).

Then we drove back home and the girls changed into their swimsuits and we went to Park Lake, as promised.  It was much more fun this time because they were prepared and able to enjoy the water.

And then it was home again where Lloyd's sister, Cheryl, was waiting for us and we all went out for supper at a Chinese buffet. 

All in all another very good, busy, day.


Mickey said...

Loving your blog and seeing all the fun you're having.
Great scrapbooking material too! An album for Charlie and Kenzie! ( BTW, I did a layout today!)
Decorating the gravesite of Lloyd's parents was lovely and a favorite for me. They were dressed up so cute for the occasion.
Glad you found the lake to cool off in!

Unknown said...

looks fun mum! glad the girls are keeping you company

RoeH said...

What a fun day! I want to see the cabin. The temple is beautiful. Love the different architectures they used to do.

JQ said...

Glad it's still there -- sheesh.

Magpie said...

I started another comment and realized I had made a couple of mistakes...hope I don't duplicate them.
I know I'm kinda old, but can you be my Grammie? :)
I spoke with my mother today and she told me that some of her relatives on her mother's side were buried in an old cemetery in Southern Illinois and that the names of their children were on their headstone too. I'm glad to be sharing this learning experience with friends.


What great experiences for the girls and all the kids. Great that you captured that picture in the exact same spot. I think I'd prefer to wash in the river, instead of that tub too. LOL The cemetery flowers and momentos were a wonderful thing to do. I know neither of my girls will visit my hubby and I in our final resting place. But I'm holding out hope my grandchildren will. Take care.

Granny Annie said...

These precious girls are going to talk about this trip for the rest of their will grandma:) Such precious moments.

sara said...

I miss Charlie :(
Glad she's having fun!

Fiona said...

Lovely happy family photos Pat.