Saturday, February 23, 2013

Red Belt Testing

Remember a few months ago when I posted pictures of daughters Sara and Emily testing for their blue belt in TaiKwonDo?



Today it was Sara's two oldest children, Charlie and Max, who were testing for their red belts (yes, they're one belt ahead of their mother and aunt).

Max and Charlie in the center
Charlie and Max showing their moves in their poonse (?)
Then my camera battery died and I had to switch to cell phone.
 This is the first exercise they do.  The students are called in pairs to demonstrate a set pattern of exercises that showcase the moves required for the belt they're testing for.  It was nice that the siblings were called up together - made it easier to take pictures.
Max breaking the board on his first try
Charlie is watching while waiting for her turn

Charlie breaking the board on her first try.
Max is on the floor cheering her on.
 Charlie and Max were among the last tested on the kick.  We were getting anxious because it's a difficult kick and quite a few of the kids weren't successful in breaking their boards, or had to be given three or four tries.  If they don't get it on their first attempt, the rest of the attempts are made with a sore foot!  We were so proud of these kids when they each broke the board on their first try.

Max (in blue) sparring

Charlie (red helmet) kicking her sparring partner
 The sparring is always fun to watch.  The kids are so well padded that chances of them getting hurt are slim.  They have to use combination kicks and moves during this part of the testing.

At the end of the class, Master Park had all the students line up in front of him and he talked to them about bullying in school.  Although they know how to kick and fight, he stressed that they were not to use their skills in dealing with bullies in school because it would just end up in them getting in trouble with the teachers and principal.  Instead, Master Park taught them a defensive move and shout and instructed them on how to avoid fights and bullies.  These kids are getting some valuable training.

We're so proud of these kids for sticking with this program.  I remember when Sara was taking them to their first class.  Charlie was crying and fighting, saying she would hate it and didn't want to go.  Then when the first class was over, she was excited and said she loves it and has been an enthusiastic participant ever since.  It's nice that they're doing it together.  They encourage one another at home and 'teach' their two little sisters some of their moves. Elly is already enjoying being in the Little Tigers group and three-year old Quinn is eager to learn too although she has to be four before she can join.

And that was our main activity on this bright sunny winter day.

Hope you're all having a nice weekend.


Mickey said...

wonderful for Charlie & Max to keep advancing. Isn't Master Park a wonderful man? Hoping one day James will finish as he was so close to his black belt.

RoeH said...

Very good! My grand-daughter takes Karate lessons. Not something I would have ever done but these days girls need that stuff. More power to them.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It does look like a lot of fun and it's nice it involves all age groups. Hope your Sunday is a relaxing one!

thisisme said...

This is so good for them, isn't it? Eli started Little Dragons at the start of this term - he's four - and he loves it! I think it's so important fir children to be involved in activities like this. My 15 year old granddaughter also did it for many years.

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Lovely photos of your family.

It looks like great fun.

Have a good week

x Fiona


It is great exercise too. Looks like fun. My younger daughter did this as a young teen.

Granny Annie said...

If I had it to do over, I would enroll myself and my children in such programs. Our one grandchild who has taken martial arts has such high self confidence. Your girls and their children are marvelous!

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