Wednesday, September 4, 2013

With Wendy at Windy Waterton

Don't you just love alliterative titles :)

This Labor Day weekend my sister and brother-in-law visited us in Lethbridge.  Our main event of the weekend was a trip to the famous Waterton Lakes Provincial Park.  Although we live just over an hour from the park, it's been years since we've bothered to visit.  It's a beautiful place.  Our daughter Amy and her family come down for a week of mountain hiking and visiting with her in-laws in their cabin somewhere in the mountains.  For us older ones though, exploring the town was all we could manage.  Waterton has something for everyone.

On a bluff overlooking the town of Waterton stands the iconic Prince of Wales Hotel.  This busy hotel was built in 1929 and strives to maintain an air of British elegance...a lovely place to visit.
The gift shop and restaurant are very popular with the tourists.

The valets and other hotel staff wore kilts to add to
the British atmosphere.

This beach at the edge of town is watched over by the grand Hotel.

And of course Wendy and I enjoyed browsing in the gift shop.

This is taken from the bluff behind the hotel.  Those lakes form a
chain that crosses the international border between Canada and
the US.  A boat makes regular trips through the chain of lakes.

The beautiful Cameron Falls is a popular spot to visit

There's a trail to the right that takes you above the falls
for a beautiful view.

And we finished our day off with a visit to one of the many ice cream
shops in the townsite.  This one was closed for a wedding so we had
to go to another one, but I liked the name of the shop.

And now summer's over, kids are back in school, RVs are parked for another year and life gets back to normal as we prepare for a beautiful fall and long winter ahead.  It's nice to know we have nice summer memories and photos to remind us of the long lazy days we've just enjoyed.



This looks like a beautiful place to visit. Enjoyed the photos. It's lovely. I'm looking forward to autumn too. Winter not so much.

Granny Annie said...

Two favorite things -- A gift shop and a waterfall.

Granny Sue said...

How lovely, Pat! I have never heard of this region or the hotel, but sure would like to take that boat trip through the lakes.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is a very beautiful place to visit. I'm sure you all made some very good memories to enjoy this winter. I'm like Taryterre. I do love fall with some cooler temps but winter not so much for sure. It does seem to go on forever.

RoeH said...

I'd love to stay in that lodge. Or just visit.

Delena said...

I have four dining room chairs from the Prince Wales Hotel when it was refurnished. My dad bought them and gave them to me after he touched them up.

thisisme said...

Ye Old Lick & Nibble!! Love it! Hi there Pat. What beautiful scenic photos you have for us today. It really does look spectacular. Loved the photo of you and your sister shopping! Over here as well, the children have just all gone back to school, and it gets to be much more peaceful again in the beautiful area in which I live, now that all the tourists have gone home!!

Mickey said...

I love the whole area and especially the dear that wander around the village!