Monday, October 14, 2013

Catch Up Again

I seem to be getting worse and worse at blogging...not finding/making time to get 'er done.  So once again I'm playing catch-up.

Starting with yesterday, when some of my kids participated in the annual Grizzly Run in Canmore, AB in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.  Since health issues kept Lloyd and me from going to watch this event, I had to rely on pictures the kids posted on Instagram.  They were very good at keeping us in the loop so we could cheer them on from the comfort of our home.   The mountains in October mean cold, cold, cold.  There was even snow at one point.

These are my runners after the 50k run was over.  l to r.  Son-in-law Greg, who ran the entire 50k.  Then Daughters Sara and Amy who, with the other girls, participated in the 50k relay, each taking a leg of the mountain track.  Granddaughters Charlie and Layla who together ran the final 5.7k lap of the run.  Grandson Baron was there to cheer them on.  Daughters Mary and Emily who made up the rest of the relay team.

We are so proud of them.

Emily, our youngest daughter there at the far right, had some excellent and exciting news for us in August. She and hubby Allan are expecting their first baby in April.  This is so exciting. We haven't had a new baby in our family in over three years when the last three were born in March, May and July.  This newcomer will be our 21st grandchild and we're just as thrilled about his/her arrival as we were about our first, 17 years ago.  Emily is our baby - born six years after we thought we were 'finished' - she has brought such joy to our family.  I don't know what we'd have done without her these past 27 years.

Pregnancy hasn't slowed Emily down much.  Already in her first trimester she has done a 40km hike up Mt. Robson on the British Columbia/Alberta border, she ran her first full marathon in Edmonton, and now completed the Grizzly Run Relay.  I think she's about ready to slow down now and do some nesting over the long winter months.


Since I can't access my pictures very well, and not wanting to bore you with unillustrated ramblings, I'll cut this short.  Lloyd and I are looking forward to ten days of R&R in Arizona at the end of the month.  I'll post again from there.


doodles n daydreams said...

Hi Pat, what dedicated kids and grandkids you have. Kudos to them all for taking part in the run, whether they were participating or just cheering someone on. It all counts.
I hope you enjoy your 10 days away in Arizona, have fun.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry to hear that some health problems kept you home. Congrats on the new grandchild. I just found out that my 20th grand child will be born in June, so you are one ahead of me. My 19th is due in November this year. It's a joy to have some new babies coming to enjoy!

RoeH said...

It's beautiful here now. :)


Congratulations to the family on a race well run and the impending baby. Have fun in Arizona.

Mickey said...

Oh I do hope you'll keep posting as promised!
Loved seeing all the pics from Canmore too on this Thanksgiving Day! You must be so proud of them all!
Happy to hear Emily's news especially that she is retiring from running for a bit! Guess when you're in shape you can do anything!

Bouncin Barb said...

Wonderful news on becoming a grandparent again for the 20+ time. Wow! That's quite a list of names to remember. Enjoy your time in AZ and keep me updated!

Granny Annie said...

"Catch up" is always better than no news. Soon to be 21 grandchildren is phenomenal news. We thought eight was a big number. Whew!

Ellie said...

Wow what a fit and active lot your family is. They must all really enjoy it :))
It is hard to keep on top of the blog isn't it. I wont be back for around a fortnight as I'm off on my holiday at the weekend. So excited!!!! :)
Congratulations on the new wee baby in the making - great news!!! :)

Delena said...

Wow! You have a lot of grandchildren. Do you keep a note in your purse with their birthday dates? I certainly would have to.
Congratulations, babies are such a blessing!

Delena said...

Wow, you have a lot of grandchildren. Do you have a note in your purse with their birthday dates? I sure would have to do that. Congratulations, babies are such a blessing!