Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gender Reveal

Some of you may remember being pregnant and wanting to know the gender of your baby before he/she made his/her grand arrival.  There were all kinds of 'tricks' we used to tell us what we were having.

Hanging a needle over your hand by a thread and watching it rotate.  Around in a circle meant you were having a girl, back and forth indicated a boy had taken up lodging in your uterus.

Heartburn during pregnancy meant the baby had hair, which probably meant it was a little girl.

If you carried the baby 'low', it was surely a boy.

And there were more...I tried them all.

Fast forward a few years to the remarkable technology which allowed you to actually see your little passenger before he/she was born.  If you were lucky, the seeing allowed you to know whether you were having a boy or a girl.

I was kept in the dark about the gender of all seven of my kids until I actually pushed them into the world.

Not so for my kids.  It was always fun to know in advance what kind of grandchild we were going to have.  Now that knowing is so common and facebook is so 'out there', young parents-to-be are thinking of creative ways to announce the gender of their coming baby.

Here's Emily and Allan's announcement of our expected granddaughter.

It's so cute I just had to post it.  Be prepared for lots of baby pictures come April.


Ellie said...

Congratulations to you all :))
What a great way to let everyone know.
I never knew with my three girls either. Exciting times!!

RoeH said...

I would have wanted to know. Although I really wanted three girls and to know that Dan was coming may have coined 9 months of depression. Oh well. :))


HOW very sweet. LOVE it!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Gender Reveals are becoming really popular a friends daughter recently did one here. Some make a big party of it. Congrats on the new baby girl. April will be something to look forward to at your house. I'm already longing for it . I've had enough winter already.

Bouncin Barb said...

Oh my gosh, I remember those too. There was one more that comes to mind. If you're very absentminded during pregnancy it's a girl. Laughing yet?! I love how your kids have done this. What a great idea. I still kind of like the element of surprise though. :-)

Granny Annie said...

What a cute announcement. It just tickles me pink:0

Delena said...

Oh what a cute way to announce the gender! Congratulations.

thisisme said...

Hi PAT. How exciting that you will soon have a new baby in the family. That is always such a special thing. Love the way they chose to announce that it was going to be a little GIRL! Wonderful!

Mickey said...

Love Emily and Allan's way of introducing us all to Olive!
Now we know her 5 months longer!