Sunday, February 2, 2014

Awkward Family Portraits

We all have them...those family portraits where something just isn't right.  I have a few doozies, taken at Christmas when our oldest daughter and her family were visiting.  It's hard at the best of times to get a picture of a family of seven with everyone looking presentable, but for some reason, this series of pictures exceeded themselves in the awkward category.

I hope Jenny will be able to forgive me for posting these. For some reason  she had a hard time smiling for this photo shoot. Hope you enjoy a laugh.

 We'll start with one of the 'good' ones
Jenn, Anders and their boys
 Anders took over as photographer so Grammie and Papa could be in some pictures

                                     Something spooked Grammie!

Things are really coming apart Jennys body language.

Clearly Micah has had enough.
 And finally, one of the 'good' ones with Papa and Grammie

Aren't family photo shoots fun!!!


Ellie said...

Oh I've got lots of family pics like that, phew it's not just us thank goodness, lol.

Mickey said...

Hilarious! but you sure do have some handsome grandsons!
We usually have to rush our photos to keep our little one happy! The longer we try the worse they get!

doodles n daydreams said...

We had a go at trying to get a good photo of 20 of us. Didn't work, but it's fun looking at them later :)
I'm sure Jenny will forgive you.



You all look lovely even with the temporary flaws.

thisisme said...

Hi Pat. Well, that post did make me smile. It's hard to get so many people all looking good in a photo, isn't it?! At least the last one was lovely.

Granny Annie said...

Why was Jenny so intent on not smiling. That last photo would be perfect is only she had smiled just a little.