Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bridges, Beaches and Lighthouses

We have seen San Francisco so often in movies and television, but nothing compares to actually being there and seeing it in real life.  What an amazing city, at least the part we saw.  We were lucky to be there on a clear sunny day, although I've seen some wonderful pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in fog and mist.

So here's my take on "the City by the Bay".

Lloyd by the Golden Gate
There was a look out point above the bridge that we drove to so we could get a good view of it.  The only trouble was, the sun was in  the wrong position, or we were there at the wrong time of day, which resulted in dark shadows.  In these pictures the bridge doesn't even show it's true colors.  It was a lovely view though.
Lloyd, Joyce and Jake at the lookout.

Lloyd, Me, Joyce and Jake

Long view of the Golden Gate Bridge

From the viewpoint, we drove across the bridge and into a park at the other side.  Here you can see the true color of the bridge.

Lloyd, Jake and Joyce

The Golden Gate Bridge

From there we drove to the famous Fishermans Wharf for a seafood lunch.  It was an incredibly busy day there complete with a long parade and millions of tourists (including ourselves of course).  We had clam chowder as well as fish and chips at the Chowder Hut on the wharf.  Delicious!

Clam Chowder served in a Sourdough bowl.

Out on the wharf behind the restaurants we had a view of the infamous prison Alkatraz, on an island in the bay.  It is closed now but you can take a tour of it if you're so inclined.  We weren't.

Alkatraz as seen through a zoom lens.

Jake and his Uncle Lloyd on the wharf with Alkatraz in the background.

A quick glimpse of a tall ship as it glided into dock.
 And then we went on a hair raising drive through the famous streets of San Francisco...nothing but hills...very steep hills.  I don't know how people live on these hills.  They must need to have their brakes replaced every year.  At some points it felt like the car would tip over backwards.

This is the top of Lombard Street.  it was so steep that the road was laid
out in a zigzag pattern

Everyone from our generation (flower children of the 1960s) is familiar
with Haight and Ashbury.  All we needed was a circlet of flowers in our hair
to feel like we belonged.  

It was too short a visit, but maybe we'll get back there some day.


Mickey said...

Enjoyed your photos especially the last one of the bridge and that very winding road! I wouldn't have wanted to drive it!

Ellie said...

San Fransisco is one of the places on my long list of places I'd love to visit.
It looks like you had a fab visit there, the water under the bridge looks lovely and sparkly, even if you did get shadows in your pics.
I don't fancy driving up that windy steep hill phew!!! :)


Lombard Street is always fun. I'm famous at Fisherman's Wharf for ordering spaghetti instead of seafood. Excuse being I was only 10 at the time. The Golden Gate Bridge can be interesting if you are driving across it on a windy day. Glad you enjoyed this wonderful city.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I enjoyed all the pictures of your trip. The bridge is beautiful and I love seafood so I'd appreciate Fishermans Wharf too.

Bev said...

Great to see!!...we were there some 22 years ago!!