Sunday, November 16, 2014


This past weekend four of our five daughters got away for a sisters' getaway weekend.  I love it when they do this - it has almost become an annual event. Sometimes, as happened this time, one of the sisters was unable to attend, and other times the event includes sisters-in-law as well.

I'm pretty sure they all enjoy these getaways and enjoy the chance to interact as grown-up sisters, free from the wants and needs of husbands and children, free to just be sisters again for a couple of days.  It was fun to see the pictures they posted on Instagram of them doing each others' hair and having fun together.

They went to Calgary this year, which is almost exactly half way between where some of them live in Edmonton and where Lloyd and I live in Lethbridge. And this time Lloyd and I were invited to drive up (2.5 hrs.) and join them for dinner on Saturday.

Lloyd, Mary, Amy, Sara, Jenny, Me
Mary lives in British Columbia and since its a week or so before her birthday, the other girls chipped in and bought her an airline ticket as her birthday gift so she could be there with them. With the Rockie Mountains between her and the rest of the family she misses quite a few family get togethers so it was really special for her to be there with her sisters.

What a fun time that was.   The girls are all different, with different personalities and life circumstances, likes and dislikes.  Yet they get together and interact so well with other, knowing that they are loved unconditionally by their siblings and parents.  Lloyd and I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in a small part of their celebration of sisterhood.

Mary, Amy, Sara, Jenny

Mary and Amy

Mary and her Dad

Selfie - Jenn and her Mum

Amy and Sara

Jenn, who hates to have her picture taken, and Me.

And just so Baby Sister, Emily, isn't left out...

May 2013 - Sara, Mary, Jenny, Emily, Amy
The MacKenzie Girls

And the reason Emily wasn't at the weekend getaway...
This little cutie wouldn't have enjoyed it, and she
would have starved if her Mom went without her.

Enjoy your sisters, they're the best friends you'll ever have.

Love you, Wendy.



What a wonderful gathering. You are all so lucky to be such a close knit family. I wish my daughters were closer, but they're not. Distance is the number one reason, why.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You have some beautiful daughters. I only have one. Glad that most of them could get together like that. The cutie at the bottom is pretty sweet too. Family is wonderful!

Mickey said...

Awesome memories for everyone! Great break away before the busy season begins! Lovely family pictures!

Granny Annie said...

I can certainly testify to the joy of one sister and I can't imagine how great it would be to have 4 more! I know they had a wonderful time and you and Lloyd both enjoyed being a little mouse in the wall!