Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting Air

I spent some time with Rob and Cindy's kids last week. They have a new trampoline so we had some fun time jumping and snapping action photos. If Brooklyn looks slightly odd in the pictures it's because she has a patch on one of her eyes to correct a lazy eye. She likes to draw pictures on them before she puts them on (a new one every day) and the patch on that particular day contained two large black dots...a kooky, creative kid. One of her previous patches contained a drawing of an eyeball!

Anyway, this blog is about jumping so here are some pics. It's such fun to see the grandkids having so much fun.

You can tell Brooklyn has had some dancing lessons - what great form she displays!

For such a light, slight little girl, she can bounce pretty high.

And her landings are perfect. Notice the dotted eye patch in this picture.

Anson figured that sometimes just running along the edge was fun enough.

And they jumped together, separately.

Anson has discovered that part of the fun is just laying on the tramp getting bounced while the other guy does all the work.

But then he takes his turn jumping too.

I'm told this is called the Donkey Kick. I'll take her word for it.

What a happy time! Go Anson!


Sara_HB said...

Sometimes Anson looks sooo much like Rob.

Avril said...

What a pritty head band she has on.

Jane said...

Beautiful children. I remember those days of jumping on a trampoline as a kid. Such fun!


Mickey said...

Don't they love performing for you! Great shots!

Anonymous said...

I love Brooklyn's styles! Quite the fashionista!-Mary

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Such cuties! How creative to decorate the patch each day!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures Pat! I like 'em! I am surprised Brooklyn let you take her picture with her patch on...Cindy