Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Fun - So Far

Summer has finally arrived in Edmonton - long hot days, almost daily thunder showers, sunlight that stretches till almost 11 pm, and kids. They're just so much freer than they are in the fall, winter and spring. I've been taking pictures of their fun.

One thing I didn't take a picture of though, not wanting to offend anyone, happened today. Amy brought Aidan (almost 3) over to play with Elly (2.5) while she went shopping. I sent them out to the back yard to play while I went and got the bottles of bubbles out of my goody bag. In the 1.5 minutes I left them unattended, Aidan had stripped off his clothes and was standing naked in the wading pool. Elly was in the process of doing the same. Mean old Grammie made them put their clothes back on and distracted them by giving them the bubble solution to play with.

Elly liked to blow the bubbles and poke them at the same time.

Aidan wasn't as fascinated with the bubbles -

maybe because he kept getting the bubble solution in his mouth.

Elly wanted to sit and blow bubbles all day

Aidan wanted Elly to quit blowing bubbles and take care of the baby. It took a while but she finally came round and they played together bubble-free until Amy came to pick Aidan up.


Anonymous said...

You sure have cute grandkids!

Mickey said...

Eamon and I played with bubbles yesterday too!
Our Grandchildren are so wonderful! Really enjoying Eamon and his imagination! (Buzz Lightyear protected him from bad dreams last night!!)

sara said...

Elly loves bubbles. She and I had a fight over bubbles the other night which ended in my pillow soaked with bubble solution right before bed time.

Anonymous said...

In every picture I see of Ellie she looks like she is just lovin' life. You do have cute grandkids. - Mary