Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Day With Daniel

The reason (excuse?) we're down here in Arizona this week is so that Lloyd, as CEO of NPTC, and his nephew Mark (IT Guy for NPTC)

can meet with Les (Remote Computer Consultant)

to work on reconfiguring the Tribal Council's technology needs. Mark brought his 14-year old son Daniel, who has Downs, with him. So while the guys were working in our dining room, Dan and I hung out in the back yard.

Daniel tells stories. He kept me entertained for a couple of hours with reports of the movies he's watched, stories about his imaginary girlfriend Britany, and jokes. Although I had to strain at times to understand all he was saying, he was great company and we spent a fun afternoon together.

Although it was almost 80F outside, our pool heater is broken so the water was too cold for wimps like us to go swimming. The temptation was too much for Dan though and after awhile he whipped his shirt off, followed by his shoes and socks, and rolled up his jeans and sat dangling his feet in the cold water. Of course, I followed his example (except for the shirt-taking-off part) and we sat and kicked water at each other.

When the guys were finished their meeting, they came out and joined us for awhile, and Lloyd got the camera and took the pictures posted here.

Today Daniel is excited to be going golfing with his dad and Uncle Lloyd while I'm staying at the house waiting for someone to come and fix the pool heater and service the AC...and I'm scrapbooking while I'm waiting, so I'm a happy camper.

It feels good to be here.


Brenda's Arizona said...

Welcome back! Next time you come, give me a shot so we can meet up!
And I hope you get a chance to jump in the pool soon! Only in Arizona...

Mickey said...

Awe so nice to have special time with a special boy Daniel! An imaginary girlfriend? -the best kind!
And look at you scrapbooking peacefully in the kitchen! Contentment four sure..

Sara_HB said...

what happened to the heater and the ac?