Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall in Edmonton

We have had two weeks of beautiful fall weather, so far, here in north-central Alberta. My good friend Mickey and I have gone out the past two Fridays to road around and take pictures of the fall colors. Edmonton is an extremely beautiful city, especially around the river valley. We took some side roads in the midst of the city and found some beautiful spots we had never discovered before...serenity in the middle of a city of a million plus people. Have a look.

Partial Edmonton skyline

Country road in the middle of the city, above the river valley

Avenue of trees - my old stomping ground

Looking west along the North Saskatchewan River

Edmonton skyline looking southwest across the river valley

Tire swing

Mickey in the golden leaves.
(Happy birthday Mickey)

The last leaf.

Shaded pathway

The glass pyramids of the Muttart Conservatory

Last flowers of summer at the Muttart - the only flower bed not yet dug up for fall.

Three of the Muttart pyramids

Mountain ash with red berries

Leaves and berries

We don't have the maples of eastern Canada here to give us the dramatic red colors but I've learned to appreciate the golden yellows and browns that are fall here in western Canada. We usually have snow before Hallowe'en so I really appreciate having these beautiful fall days to enjoy.


Emtron said...

pretty pictures mummy. interesting fact: those pyramids used to reflect sunlight into my old apartment so brightly that if I accidentally looked out the window at the wrong time I'd be seeing purple triangles in my vision for the rest of the day.

Jane said...

I love your fall photo essay! Hope that you are keeping well!


Chatty Crone said...

I love your fall piece as well. It is beautiful there. My favorite was the Avenue of Tress - you could get married there.


Mickey said...

It was wonderful finding great places for Fall photos in such beautiful weather. They are treasures when you think of what's coming in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

My first visit to your blog, hope you don't mind me commenting. What beautiful photos thank you for sharing them - Autumn is my most favourite season. Southwest Scotland

Kath said...

Your trees are gorgeous already!! We are just starting but still very green!!

Maria is a "scrapper" and will be working on the books with her time off. Now she has been off work and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. :)

JQ said...

My favourite Fall Beauty in Edmonton is in the first picture, on the bench beside Mickey.

Nick said...

Beautiful photos. Next trip, I won't skip Edmonton!