Wednesday, August 24, 2011

R&R Time

After the heat of the weekend, these past couple of days and nights have been blessedly cool.  I love sleeping with all the windows open and waking up feeling just a bit cold, knowing I've been breathing in cool fresh air all night.

I had two outings yesterday.  My oldest granddaughter, Kenzie (8) called me to ask if we could go out for lunch together...just the two of us.  So I let her choose her venue - Southgate Mall Food Court where we ate pasta at Sbarros.  Then we went to Costco to pick up my pictures and strolled around eating free samples.  She especially wanted to check out the books and videos and as luck would have it she found the Angry Birds at Rio movie.  So we put it in our basket, along with my new Christmas decoration of the year (I get a new one every year), and we went home happy.

I hadn't been home half an hour when my friend, Mickey, called to ask if I wanted to go with her and her granddaughter to see the movie The Help.  As I had just finished reading the book, I was eager to see the movie.  It was remarkably well done - one of those movies that stayed true to the book, leaving out very little and adding nothing.  I would recommend it highly whether or not you've read the book first.

I'll be MIA for the next few days as Lloyd and I head down to Arizona for a week.  I know it's weird - complaining about the heat up here and going down to the furnace that is Arizona in the summer.  But it's a different heat down there - dry heat!! Right!  We just like being down there, going to the different restaurants, swimming in the pool, enjoying the air conditioned house, exploring our corner of the state, etc., being alone and resting.  (Don't tell anyone, but I think we're in danger of becoming old fogies!).

I've a special treat for you though.  I've invited my youngest daughter, Emily, to be a guest contributer on my blog.  She's calls herself and her husband "foodies".  She's a wonderful cook, haunts farmers markets, takes food and wine courses at local colleges, and has a lovely container garden on her high rise apartment balcony.  I think you'll enjoy her contribution here.  You can check out her own blog at Pepper Olive.

I'll be back in a few days.



Holly said...

Glad to see you're heading back "home" to us! I loved The Help and would see it again. There aren't very many movies that I would see twice. Looking forward to meeting Emily.

just call me jo said...

Yeah, well you'll warm up here. It's set on broil right now--116 today. I'm over the heat. Stop it! Come on down. Maybe you can bring some cool with you.

JQ said...

Oh, I hate it when you go away.

LaelShine said...

LOL, I'm a fogie at 38:) Lets be fogies together!

Thanks for your review of The Help. I've been wanting to see it so badly, nice to know it'll be worth it.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Sush said...

How fortuitous...I'm going tonight to see The Help with some of my girlfriends and my daughter! Read the book and hear from everyone the movie is excellent as well! You are adding cherry to the frosting!

Have a great time away!

PS You say Fogie as if it is a BAD!

Lucy said...

Jo is "over the heat"?? I didn't know she could lie so well.

Let's all get together!! Maybe have lunch in the Scottsdale Ice Arena or something.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time, and I look forward to reading your substitute!!

Ellie said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm sorry you are having difficulties leaving a commentI don't understand why i'm afraid. I have had a couple of bloggers saying they have had difficulties. Hope it works for you soon.

At work today we were just discussing the fact that the 'help' is being made into a film. Not in Britain yet but will definately go and see it. I've not even read the book yet but really want to. It has had great reviews.
Hope you have a wonderful time in Arizona. Take care.

Lucy said...

Okay Pat. Ya' gotta put connect your email address with your blog so we can gab back and forth easier. Holly said something about getting together the end of the month along with Jo and Laraine so yeah. That would be fun! :)


I saw The Help just the other day and LOVED it. Have a terrific time in Arizona. ENJOY and relax. Ain't nothing wrong with being an old fogie. It's so much fun.

Granny Annie said...

I did not think that I wanted to see THE HELP because the previews didn't look at that good and I loved the book so much. Your review and the other reviews I'm hearing however are all good and now I cannot wait to see it.

Love the image of you and your granddaughter sharing lunch at the mall and your Costco stroll for food samples. I do miss so many things about living in the city.

Mickey said...

I read the book and saw the movie twice and enjoyed the movie just as much or more the second time around! Hubby enjoyed it too!
Relax and enjoy your next week!

Chatty Crone said...

You have to go on a vacation to vacation!

Desiree said...

A break away is always good for the soul...enjoy yourselves!

Your daughter sounds much like mine in that their interests are very similar! I look forward to reading her guest post :)

It sounds as though you and Kenzie had the best kind of day together!