Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quinn's Hospital Moments

It's good to be back home, in time to get ready for Christmas....among other things.  First order of the day yesterday was to go with Sara at 6 am for Quinn's appointment for surgery.

Ever since she was born 16 months ago Quinn has had a blocked and/or infected tear duct.  At times it was hardly noticeable and other times her eye was red and gummy and runny.  Her doctor told her that it usually clears itself up by the time a child is a year old so it's best to wait it out.  Quinn's didn't clear up, and Sara, a professional photographer, got tired of having to photoshop every picture she took of Quinn...not to mention Quinn's discomfort with the runny sore eye.

Quinn at nine months - a good eye day

Yesterday was the day for dealing with the problem.  I went along to help Sara and keep her company.  It's a bit of a challenge entertaining a hungry (she had to be fasting), tired baby in a strange environment.  Luckily our wait wasn't too long.  (The following pictures were taken with my phone, hence the iffy quality)

In the waiting room with Sara - an ironic choice of t-shirt for Quinn

Trying to pick the hospital band off

The doctor told Sara that they'd be clearing out both eyes, since the right eye was also partially blocked but not near as bad as the left one.  Poor Quinny didn't like the prep work, hated the hospital bracelet, but strangely enough was totally calm when they put the mask on her face in the OR as she dropped into sleep.

The procedure only took 15 minutes and before long we were summoned into the recovery area.  Poor baby was so upset and groggy for awhile.  Apple juice saved the day - she just drank down all she could get and ate a whole popsicle before it started to melt.  We were on our way home by 10 with a prescription for drops to be administered 4 times a day for 5 days.  That'll be a challenge!  Hopefully the procedure worked and Quinn won't be bothered by sore eyes any more. 

Post-surgery. That left eye was swollen and yellow.

The popsicle made her feel better

And the cuddle time made me feel better

She hated the red light monitor on her toe and rebelled by laying on her blanket on the floor

I was glad to be able to be there with her and Sara. Luckily we don't have too many hospital episodes to deal with...knock wood.



Dear sweet Quinn. I hope the blocked tear duct is now in her past. Sounds like she was a real trooper before, during and after surgery. Years ago my little one had to have a hernia operation. So I understand what you all went through at the hospital. I'm glad you could be there for them. It really helped, I'm sure. Take care. I hope Quinn has a speedy recovery.

Thisisme. said...

Dear little Quinn. Bless! So lovely that you were able to go along and help out with her. Let's hope that it was all completely successful and that the little one won't have any more problems.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a blessing it was something that could be fixed so quickly. Your pictures are just precious along with the one in your header too. Is that the same baby? One of my little grandson's recently had surgery putting tubes in his ears as he was constantly having ear infections and they were in and out of there with almost as fast as you were with your little one. Hopefully both will be infection free now.

Anonymous said...

Poor little mite - I hope all will soon be well with her eyes - fortunately she is probably too young to remember the ordeal.

Ellie said...

Awe poor wee Quinn (lovely name by the way), what thing for her to go through. Hopefully it will fix her problem.
It must have been pretty hard on her mum and yourself too. It's not nice for them to be in hospital.
She is a wee cutie though isn't she?

Granny Annie said...

It is no fun when our wee ones have medical issues. They seem so fragile but then they do bounce back quickly. She is a doll baby for sure.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Oh that little sweetheart! This post reminds me so much of the day we took Kali (about the same age) to get her chemo ports removed. They let me carry her and sing to her while they put her under and then I left the room. About 20 mins. later she woke up smiling. I'm so glad your little one is not going to be bothered by this tear duct any longer. She's adorable!!!!

Magpie said...

She is such an Angel! I just want to hug her. I'm glad everything went so well.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Poor sweet baby! Its tough on mommy too! And grammy!!
Quinn is so adorable.
hugs to all of you!

Mickey said...

Quin is such a sweetheart. Love the photos! Hoping for success with clearing those tear ducts! Sara must have loved your company. Did they let you stay while they put her to sleep? How nice. I fought and didn't succeed at staying with my daughter while she went under over her 6 surgeries, started when she was very young. That is so comforting for mom and babe.

Anonymous said...

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