Friday, December 2, 2011

Surprise Party

Since the party had been advertised for at least the two weeks we've been here, I'm sure noone was surprised when they attended the event.  Our city of Surprise put on an amazing 2.5 day Christmas party in the beautiful recreational compound not far from where we live when we're in town.  Mickey and I went tonight and mingled with hundreds of happy families, seniors, babies, dogs, and everyone in between.  It was cool enough that we had to wear jackets but not so cold that we were uncomfortable.  Perfect for a 'get ready for Christmas' party.

There was the official turning on of the Christmas lights

Taken by Mickey

and the beautiful hot air balloon glow from nine balloons including a spider-pig one.

Even the family pets got into the spirit of the season.

Another picture by Mickey

Everywhere we looked there were bright lights and people trying to take pictures in the dark.  I certainly enjoyed it.

Photo by Mickey

And so did Mickey.  Just look at the nice purple glow we have.

There were food consessions, visits with Santa Claus, a midway with rides and game booths, jugglers, and live music.  I'd like to attend it every year.  This city really knows how to throw a party.

Just wait till you see what's in store when the party continues tomorrow.  Cars and elephants and camels, oh my!  We'll have to squeeze as much in as we can before heading to the airport at 5:00 tomorrow afternoon.


Desiree said...

Oh, my goodness. Your holiday has already come to an end? Hope the flight back home goes smoothly. Super pictures of the festivities with everyone looking happy and festive :)


The Surprise Party looked spectacular. All those cute pups in costume, the beautiful lights, the hot air balloons. Did I mention I LOVE hot air balloons. We have a festival with them that I adore. They are so beautiful, their colors so vivid. I might add that you and Mickey looked lovely with that purple glow from the tree. Very festive. Don't miss your flight tomorrow while you're partying. LOL These were great photos. GODSPEED. Have a safe trip home. Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a wonderful way to end your visit. The pictures are very nice. Hope your trip home is a safe and happy one.

Granny Annie said...


Mickey said...

Nice seeing how other parts of the world celebrate the holiday. At home we'd be freezing outside in -20 C weather! And tomorrow seeing elephants is so totally different for us. Can't wait.

Magpie said...

This looks like a really good time! I love all the pictures. And you're two are positively glowing! Have a safe trip!

Flora said...

What fun!.... you'll have more fun when you get home::)...brrr