Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catch Up

Time for me to catch up here.  It seems that too many days are going by between posts.  Life is busy.

Remember those old negatives I found a week or so ago?  Well, I've been working with them - slowly.  It's been fun rediscovering old pictures I thought were lost, some I didn't remember at all, and some that I already have in photo albums.  Soon they'll all be converted to digital so I won't have to worry about negatives any more.

The oldest ones I have seem to be from 1986 - pictures of my youngest, 26-year old Emily - as a baby.  And it goes from there.  The quality of the negatives has degraded a bit over the years but Emily looked at the pictures on my computer and said she can fix them for me (she's a photoshop professional), so once I get them all digitized, I'll burn her a disk with them and she'll work her magic on them.

My girls have been showing quite a bit of interest in the negatives and what I might find on them. 

This is my oldest (39 in April) daughter Jenny.  Doesn't she look impish.  See those scissors on the table in front of her?  This bad girl found a couple of negatives of her that she didn't think should be saved for posterity so she grabbed them and ran downstairs with me in hot pursuit behind her, laughing all the way.  She grabbed the scissors and started cutting out the ones she didn't want me to 'resurrect'.  I don't know which ones she removed from my possession, but I guess if they bothered her that much she's welcome to them.  Amy, Sara and Emily have all been over looking through them too but have graciously allowed me to remain in possession of my negatives!

Here's a small sampling of some of the treasures I'm finding.  Excuse the quality - Emily will fix them up for me someday when she has time.

Lloyd and Me - 1985

Our family - complete at last - 1986

Mike - first in the family to do TaeKwonDo - 1990

Emily's First Christmas - 1986

Baby Emily - 1986

Sara's Perfect Cartwheel - Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia

The girls - 1990

Rob - the one who just turned 40 - 1991

That's just a sampling of the many I've already done.  It's going to take me awhile to get the rest of them processed but I'll keep working on them. 

Spring is coming and it feels good. 



Ellie said...

Oh it's such fun to look through old pictures isn't it. Makes you wonder where the years went.
I had to laugh at you Jenny cutting the negatives she didn't want you to have. Sounds familiar to me lol.

Sara said...

wrongo! I stole some when I was there! Slipped them inside Quinn's bottle...oh so sneaky!!

just call me jo said...

ohhh, memory lane. Looks like fun. I'm glad spring is showing you its
happy face. In Idaho spring had two faces--one was a real witch and the other was beautiful.

Mickey said...

I would have put those negatives under lock and key!

Emtron said...

I'm only 25! Allow me these last few months in my early 20s! Also I'm the only daughter who offered to help rather than stealing and vandalizing, I'm awesome.

JQ said...

Woo! Sara!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How funny! I bet you are having a good time going through all these old pic's. lol
I had to laugh about your daughter running away with some negatives. Sounds like something I would do myself.
Hope your having a good week


What wonderful memories from those negatives. You are really inspiring me to find ours and start doing the same. Have fun.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think the photos are great as they are. I can only wonder about how much better they can get. It's so great to be able to look back at times gone by and reflect on some happy memories!

RoeH said...

Nothing more interesting than looking at old photos. When I got divorced oh lo those many years ago, I was very angry and never wanted to have anything connected with him in my life for forever and I left a whole lot of photos there. If he'd ever died I could probably get them back but not anytime soon. Divorce just brings out the terrible in both people.

Anonymous said...

I bet you keep getting lost in reveries of the past, as you work with the negatives!

Thisisme. said...

You must be having such fun discovering all those old family photos and isn't it wonderful how we can now put them on the computer and get them looking really good again. Yes, spring is definitely coming :)

Thisisme. said...

You must be having such fun discovering all those old family photos and isn't it wonderful how we can now put them on the computer and get them looking really good again. Yes, spring is definitely coming :)

Delena said...

I am inspired to look through all my photo albums when I get home.
We have many albums so it will be quite the job!
Also, thanks for your comments on my blog. About the pool, the owner said it cost 3000.00 a month to heat the pool and hot tub. Does that sound a bit exagerated to you?
I thought I would ask as you heat yours...

Jane said...

Your post makes me want to dig out all of my old negatives! Great shots!


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

What fun for you all!!
With all my cleaning/organizing/painting that we have been in the midst of I found old negatives from my dad's cousin on my desk. They were sent to me in 2006. I finally brought them to get printed. Anxious to see what the pictures are of. One thing I'm sure of is that my dad(deceased for 23 yrs) will be on them. :( but :)
The prints are to be completed today.