Friday, July 20, 2012

Food Fun

We've had some interesting and fun food on our road trip down to Arizona.  Our Son-in-law, Allan, uses an app on his iPhone to check out promising restaurants in advance and so far has picked a couple of excellent ones.

The first of Allan's food stops was a restaurant in Helena, MT which was a huge cavernous place that was, we figured out, a popular Carroll College students' hang-out in a strip mall.  It was practically empty when we got there because college classes were over for the summer and there weren't any students hanging around.  I was kind of skeptical of the place at first sight but boy did my mind ever change fast when I saw the food at the Staggering Ox.

They have a patent on their famous Clubfoot Sandwich, billed as the best sandwich in the land.  It's an amazing idea for a sandwich style - one that I'm going to try to make at home.

This is the sandwich Allan ordered, on cheddar/garlic bread.  The bread is baked in a can.  Each sandwich is a whole 'loaf'.  the bottom is left intact and the shape of the can remains.  The center is scooped out and the sandwich filling is put in the remaining hollow loaf.  It is the only sandwich that doesn't allow the filling to fall out when you're eating it, because it has sides and a bottom that are all joined.  And it stands up on its own.

And the flavor.....I had a club sandwich on dill was soooo good!  You just pick the whole thing up, squeeze the top together just enough to take a bite, and you're transported to sandwich heaven!  I'll definitely want to stop there again.

When we got to Salt Lake City, Utah, we stopped to check out the huge new mall, City Creek Mall, that recently opened there.  It's an amazing place, built in the city center, a mixture of indoor and outdoor mall, with a retractable roof over some areas, with a creek running through it.  We found a bakery/restaurant - Kneaders -  and stopped for a quick lunch there.  As in most bakery restaurants, the bread was delicious and fresh.  I had cream of asparagus soup and a chicken salad crossiant.

I didn't get pictures of Lloyd's, Emily's or Allan's lunches as they disappeared too quickly.

The next fun food stop was in Las Vegas, where there are many fine restaurants.  Allan chose a French restaurant in the Venetian Hotel on the strip to have breakfast...a little classier than the Staggering Ox or Kneaders, but a lovely dining experience nevertheless.

Thomas Keller's Bouchon

The food here was esquisite...perfectly prepared and graciously served.

Allan chose a lunch item for breakfast - Croque Madame - ham in a toasted brioche topped with a sunny-side-up egg, served with piles of delicious fresh french fries.

 Emily had Le Jardin - eggs, brioche, sauteed spinach and fresh tomatoes

And I had the Omelet du Jour - chicken, cheese, onions, and tomatoes, with bacon and toasted brioche.  And fresh squeezed orange juice.  Everything was absolutely perfect.  I didn't get a picture of Lloyd's but it featured bacon, eggs and croquettes.

A great way to start the day and the long drive from Las Vegas to Surprise, AZ.

Bon appetite everyone!



I am so hungry after reading this, I can't tell you. Everything looks delicious. That can idea is very clever, indeed. LOVE the name of these restaurants too. Glad you enjoyed the trip and food surprises along the way. take care.

Magpie said...

What a sandwich! I think this is a fun way to find places to eat. I am hungry though! Glad you are all safely here. I'm headed north this weekend for some cooler weather and hopefully some rain.

RoeH said...

I wanted to stop at Kneaders and have lunch when I was there but never got to it. Wish they were down here.

Mickey said...

Everything looks so good. Like to know the name of that app!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh Pat you are making me hungry - that bread in a can was AMAZING! I have never ever heard or seen anything like that! sandie

Thisisme. said...

What an amazing array of food you have displayed for us here!I'm really hungry how! That first sandwich, using the whole loaf in a can, was absolutely amazing, and I can imagine just how tasty it would have been. Thank you for your comment on my Sunday Snaps today, and I was sorry to hear of your granddaughter losing her hair because of breaking her arm. :( Do hope that all is well now. Your blog posts don't seem to have been coming up on my blog roll, so I'm sorry I have been missing from over here!

Karen Whittal said...

What did we do before technology looks like you found some amazing restaurants, and ate some amazing foods.......

Ellie said...

Wow all of the food looks delicious. I'm feeling quite hungry now :))
That sandwich made in a can is amazing - what a great idea. :)

Bev said...

What wonderful food... I'll have to find out where those restaurants are for our next trip south!!! That Helena Sandwich...looks wonderful:)