Thursday, July 12, 2012


Today I finally got my kitchen organized and all the boxes unpacked and put away.  If Jenn hadn't done the big stuff on the weekend, I'd still be in there trying to find a place for everything.  And I know what one of my problems was...redundancies.  I had...

- 8 complete sets of dinnerware - that's more than enough for our entire family of 34 to use in one sitting!

- 5 dozen drinking glasses

- 2 complete sets of pots and pans

- 2 electric beaters

- 2 popcorn poppers

- 5 can openers - four of which don't work because they need new batteries

- 10 sets of measuring spoons - one with measures for 'dash', 'pinch', and 'smidgen'.  There's only 9 sets in the picture.  I found another one after the picture had been taken. 

- 6 nut/lobster crackers - because we eat so much lobster?  I wish!

- 3 ice cream scoops - because you can never have too much ice cream.

- 6 potato peelers

- 2 corkscrews - even though neither Lloyd nor I drink wine

- 3 complete sets of cutlery

and enough sharp knives to outfit a small army!

And that's just the beginning.  I had to sort through all that stuff, decide what to keep, what to give to daughters, and what to take to Goodwill. 

What packrats we've become.  You'd think moving every few years would weed out some of the redundancies, but not so, in spite of the fact that we've been 'downsizing' these last few years.  Hah!  I shudder to think what I'd have to pack up if I'd lived in any one place for ten years or more.  Mind boggling.

Ah well.  I'm almost finished...just a few more boxes to unpack.  Not counting, of course, all my scrapbooking supplies, which I'll leave till the last because that's going to be a bigger job than the kitchen, but a labor of love so it'll be fun.  Redundancies are good in scrapbooking!

We're suffering through a heat wave here in Alberta - temps over 30C all week (that's in the 90s for my American friends).  Thank goodness for air conditioning.  I can't complain though because this weekend Lloyd and I are doing the unthinkable - driving to Arizona where the temps are in the 40sC!  We're insane, and so are Emily and Allan for coming with us.  Life's an adventure.



Bev said...

You Do have alot of doubles:).... enjoy Arizona!!

Mickey said...

think the duplicates comes from living in 2-3 homes at once! We all seem to accumulate though don't we? So
nice to be downsizing it all now. Nice to have the time to be doing it without interruptions. Do travel safely. Be nice to have company going down.

Fiona said...

Hi Pat

you are suffering from the heat over there and we have had so much rain that I don't think it will ever stop!

Loved all your sorting out
I would be afraid to start as like you I have way to much stuff!

Maybe one day soon I will take your lead!

Enjoy Arizona and stay cool

x Fiona

Granny Annie said...

You know you are going to get rid of the extras and then lose what you keep during the move and have to buy more because you gave away the rest.

I have never heard of measuring spoons for a pinch,dash and smidgen but I'm on a quest to find some now.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Life is an adventure and I hope you have a great trip. I have lived here almost 20 years now and with kids leaving home over the years and all the stuff stored away it is a mess. I spent a lot of time this year sorting out and am finally seeing the light of day so I can relate to what you are going through. Lots more to go yet. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

With two homes I need some of those duplicates. Daryl is tired of hearing me groaning when we are in SD how all my kitchen tools are in WY. Makes meal making three times longer without the "tools". So I am making a list and getting new for home of my must have favorites.
Did I ever tell you that my neice is marrying a Canadian in Aug and moving to a dairy farm near Lethbridge somewhere?

Happy Settling In!!!!

just call me jo said...

We purged all the extras when we moved to AZ. I see some are creeping back, however. How does that happen? It's muggy here, too. Who knew!

Magpie said...

It is amazing the things we accumulate over time. I had to laugh at all the measuring spoons though. :) Welcome to SUNNY Arizona! Get ready for the heat and humidity right now. Travel safely.

RoeH said...

Wait a minute! Before you give to GW, I'm interested in the extra pots and pans and cutlery and silverware. I have no spoons. Literally. :)

Anonymous said...

I have the smidgen set of measuring spoons too .... great for adding strongly flavoured things like smoked paprika! I don't know when we last cracked any nuts, but the nutcrackers are handy for opening bottles. We rarely use our tin opener, as most tins now have ring-pull tops.