Saturday, October 27, 2012

Another Birthday for the Old Guy

When you're a kid you want a big birthday bash with all your friends there to help you celebrate the change in your age (and bring presents!). 

When you reach a 'certain age' all you want is a peaceful, low stress day and a quiet dinner with whatever family members are within reach.  Unless it's your 100th birthday of course - that calls for a whopping big party...but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

The other day we celebrated Lloyd's 60something birthday in a way that made him call it 'the best birthday ever'.  How did we do that?  Easy.  By staying home all day, just the two of us puttering and getting some work done,  and then going out to dinner with three daughters, a son-in-law, and four grandkids.  Then back to Amy's place for cake where we were joined by three more grandkids.  Not a full house by any means but a nice little celebration.

Emily, Lloyd, Sara and Amy

Papa's grandkids (some of them)...Sydney, Kenzie (making a face), Charlie and Max

Blowing out three candles representing past, present and future.

Lloyd and his 'baby', Emily

Amy, Tate and Curtis. 

In two years when Lloyd becomes 65 we'll try to get all 36 family members together for a really big bash, but for now, this was a lovely way for him to celebrate a non-milestone birthday.

Happy birthday Old Man!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It certainly looks like a very Happy Birthday indeed. Celebrating with family is wonderful!

Fiona said...

It sounds like a wonderful day spent with family and loved ones, what more could a man or woman for that matter, want!

Glad your "old man" had a good day.

Here's wishing him many more.

Have a good weekend.


ps lovely happy photos.

Bev said...

Happy 63 years old!!

Michael MacKenzie said...

What about your 65th, Mum?

RoeH said...

Happy Birthday, Lloyd. If you were here in AZ, I'd have TP'd your house.

JQ said...

Em with no glasses? She looks like Mary crossed with Aunt Wendy. Smokin!

Mickey said...

Looks like the happiest birthday ever for your young man! Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Greg just said he thought Em looks like me. Ha ha! I said she looked like you, JQ. Lovin' her great smile:)

Magpie said...

These can be the best celebrations! Glad you enjoyed your time with family and kept the day stress-free.