Saturday, December 15, 2012

Busy Season

I love this time of year!  So much to see and do and hear...and buy!  It seems we've been busy these past couple of weeks but it's mostly fun busyness.  All the shopping was done before December was a week old, and the wrapping of gifts followed closely.  It's amazing the variety of 'stuff' you see and handle when shopping for seven kids, seven kids-in-law, 20 grandchildren, a husband, and various extended family members.  Somehow it seemed easy and fun this year because we got a good head start and redeemed many thousands of air miles.  Now we're enjoying the more active participation/watching aspect of the holidays.

Brooklyn is in a choir this year so I went with her and her Dad when the choir was singing at a seniors nursing home.

Brooklyn is the cutie in the front row with the glasses.

Charlie, Max and Elly's school held an afternoon dress rehearsal for their annual Christmas concert so I was able to go and enjoy that hour of fun, and took some very bad pictures in the dark auditorium.

Max, singing an action song, not tormenting the boy in front of him!

Charlie, performing in the choir

Elly, in her first Christmas concert, in kindergarten this year

We held our annual adult's only family Christmas party last night - such fun.  Five of our kids live in and around Edmonton so they all were there.  We missed Mike and Avril, and Mary and Greg, but they were with us in our thoughts.

Quincey and I showing off our flashy new hats.

Emilly and Allan 'admiring' a glass high heel shoe full of chilies.

Amy was the 'lucky' recipient of an old fashioned apron, and one for her dish detergent bottle too.

Me and my girls, Amy, Cindy, Jenny, Sara and Emily
Lloyd and his boys - clockwise from top, Lloyd, Allan, Anders, Curtis, Quincey and Rob
Rob enjoying his gift, a book about hipster dads.

These parties are always such fun. We do a white elephant gift exchange as well as a cookie exchange, eat and play silly games. A great get-together.

I hope you're all enjoying the fun activities of the Christmas season and spending valuable time with family and friends.


Bev said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas Time!! (but don't you miss the 'warmth':))

Anonymous said...

Great party followed up by a great blog report. Love all of the pics! And I love the blogger too!


Mickey said...

Great photos! interesting seeing who got your wonderful gifts!
I was waiting to see all the cookies in the cookie exchange!
Such a nice tradition you have with your children!

Granny Annie said...

A great family celebration like that doesn't come off without a hitch. Somebody put a lot of effort out there and I'm betting it was YOU! Thanks for sharing your joy.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can imagine what your shopping was like as my family is a large one too. I just finished my shopping this week and it seems impossible that I spent so much but considering the numbers I bought for I guess I am redeemed. Here it will be much the same with 2 of my out of town son's and their families not being able to come in for our family celebration. We'll be having the 5 that can come and their families. Glad you are enjoying the season and all it's delights!

thisisme said...

So many grandchildren you've got, Pat. You are blessed indeed my friend. Lovely to see the photos of the little ones today, and the adult party sounds like great fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the apron set. Really, I do! And my kids would go bananas for the angry bird hat (or is that Q's actual winter hat, lol) Wish we could have been there!

Laeli said...

That's such a fun idea! I wish my family was closer, I'd borrow it:)

Ellie said...

You do have a lovely big family - all of your pictures are really good. Your grandchildren seem to enjoy their singing and your party looks like such fun :)
Hope you have a great week.

Sara said...

It sounds like a wonderful family Christmas! You are very lucky!!
Merry Christmas!

Kath said...

This is such an awesome tradition for your family!! COOL.

Michael MacKenzie said...

You know, Avril and I might have tried to make it if we had known about it.