Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Testing, Testing...

This past weekend Lloyd and I spent three hours at a TaeKwonDo studio watching daughters Sara and Emily and the rest of their classmates, young and old, as their skills were tested as they attempted to earn their next belt on their path to black.

The poonse demonstrated their mastery of the basic moves for their level.

Then they had to prove they knew the self defense moves taught so far.  Emily was asked to demonstrate this portion so lucky Sara sat it out.

Emily was 'attacked' by a black belt and proved that she could break free of her attacker.

Then it was time for them to break the boards, using their 'flying feet of death' kicks (I just made up that name :))

Both Emily

and then Sara, broke their boards on the first try.  The poor instructor got his fingers kicked repeatedly and painfully by poorly aimed attempts by some of the other students.

Then finally they put on their sparring gear for the final portion of the testing.  The Master assigned the sparring partners and they were off.  Sara's partner kept saying 'sorry' every time she made contact with Sara, which kind of begated the fierceness of the sparring.

Emily's partner was a fierce competitor and provided quite a good workout for Emily.

We were so proud of our girls (ages 36 and 26).  They provided a fun three hours entertainment for us and are becoming women to be reckoned with.

They'll find out tomorrow if they get to change their belts.  I'm betting on them. They were great.


Laeli said...

Oooh that looks fun. I took MA with my girl awhile back and it was amazing. I am pretty fierce though and usually ended up scaring myself or the other person with my intensity. I'd be the same girl saying sorry constantly!

I loved "flying feet of death of death kicks" Sounds appropriate to me!

Mickey said...

I think it's a wonderful sport and liking how passionate they are on their road to black.
Hoping my family's hiatus away from TKD won't be too long as know they loved it too.

JQ said...

Emily smiling as the guy attacks her. So scary!

Delena said...

Awesome fun. Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

haha I'm not scary at all. I'm smiling in that photo because I'm laughing and telling him that getting out of a headlock is above my belt level and I have no idea what to do. and we did get our belts, of course :) and the name for a jump roundhouse kick should definitely be changed to the flying feet of death kick, I love it. -Em