Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Spring Everyone!

Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it...polar bear it, that is.

Today is the second official day of spring.  Here in Alberta it's the second coming of winter...without its ever having left us.

We are in the midst of the worst snow storm of the 2012-2013 winter season, and it's not even winter anymore, officially.

Here are some shots I've copied from the local news stations...

This is taken just south of Edmonton on the QE2 highway.  There was a 60 car pileup, including semi tractor trailers, cattle trucks and every other type of vehicle imaginable.  30 people were taken to the hospital, none with really serious injuries, thank goodness.   

Same highway, same general location.  At one point the RCMP had to close the QE2. People were stranded for 3 hours or more until it was safe to move on.  One of the east/west highways was also closed.  City police reported, at last count, 132 accidents in the city.

 This next one was taken by my friend, Mickey, in her back yard.  The picture isn't fuzzy...the snow was coming down so hard that it's very visible in the air.

Edmonton is classed as a 'winter city' and as such, Edmontonians are generally resigned to the fact that we have long winters and learn to love tolerate the snow and enthusiastically resign themselves to participating in appropriate winter events, namely shoveling snow, pushing cars out of snowbanks, skating, skiing and hockey.  But when winter extends, and worsens, into spring, it's hard not to feel a bit frustrated and put upon. 

The snow seems to have stopped now (just after midnight) and we'll have a few days of sub-zero temperatures but then it'll warm up and by the end of April we should have the first few flowers of spring.  Unless it snows again.

Happy Spring!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's still very winter like here too. We have only a dusting of snow though, nothing like the stuff you have. Hang in there Spring will eventually show up.

RoeH said...

I remember in North Dakota getting those blizzards in March and even April. When they happened in April, that's when it got depressing. Never going to quit. Never will see spring. But we did.

Granny Annie said...

We celebrated the beginning of Spring on the 20th and on the 21st we received freezing rain. Thankfully it only lasted long enough for me to just think about moving our vehicle under cover.

I'll take our weather over yours:)

thisisme said...

Hi Pat. Love the photo of you and Lloyd in the header. Your blog is looking lovely and fresh at the moment. Oh my, what is happening to the weather these days. It seems to be all over the world. I wish spring would arrive here. We have torrential rain and gale force winds here in Devon, and in the north of the country, they are having heavy snow again. I don't like it!! Hopefully we can look forward to better things.


Winter temps here too. If it doesn't warm up soon, I think we're embarking on a new ICE AGE. GREAT photos from your area. stay warm.

Mickey said...

That was some storm. Remember seeing a pic the next day that showed a string of cars, trucks and transports as far as you could see. Over the hill they came not knowing the mess below and where to go! Some cars were hit several times as more came apparently everyone driving too fast in very poor conditions. People will remember this for a long time as one of the worst pile ups ever.

Kath said...

There have been flakes a flyin here for days. Dont amount to anything tho.
Those pictures give me the chills. Semi in a ditch has caused sleep deprivation for me. :( Now Zach n his new-to-him semi are in the midst of the big blizzard with two loads to get hauled.

*Tessa will be mommy to 2.

Hang in there....the lawnmowers will be a constant buzz soon!

Herb Fogler said...

Almost makes Maryland seem like Florida! Thanks!