Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Fun

My grandkids here in Edmonton are on spring break this week and are bored already.  Since I won't be here with them at Easter, I decided to spend half a day with them doing Easter crafts. 

So eight of them gathered at Sara's house and I arrived with my goodies in hand, and the fun (and mess) began.  They ranged in age from 3 to 10.

We started with the messiest craft first - making Easter eggs by winding yarn around inflated balloons and coating them with ModPodge.  sticky, sticky, sticky.  And I forgot to take pictures of the finished products.  Oh well!  This one was a challenge.

Elly very carefully coated her balloon with ModPodge

Kenzie, with her wrapped balloon, all ready for the final coat of ModPodge

Charlie, always the clown, pretended to eat her partially wrapped balloon.

While I cleaned up that mess and had the 'eggs' hanging to dry, the kids colored Easter pages that I had printed out for them.

Sydney working carefully on her picture.

Charlie, Kenzie, Elly and Syd working on the kitchen island.

Our next craft was to make pretzel treats using pretzels, melting candy, and Smarties (M&Ms)  The kids loved this one, sneaking bits of candy into their mouths when they thought I wasn't looking.

Happy kids on a sugar high.
Aidan, Elly, Tate, Quinn
Kenzie, Charlie, Max, Sydney
While the 'big kids' went downstairs to dance off some energy, the little ones stayed with me and we stuck glue dots and tape on hard boiled eggs and dipped the sticky dotted parts in fine glitter to make pretty pastel eggs. 

Elly and Aidan with their eggs. 
 The pretty sparkly dots don't show up here but trust me, they were cute.

Quinn was very serious about getting her dots on just
right and using all the colors of sprinkles.
They loved doing this and we used all the eggs before the big kids came back upstairs.  It's all right though because by then it was time for Amy's kids to go home, and an exhausted Grammie left soon after.

A fun way to spend a day.



Even though our kids are grown and gone, my hubby and I dye EGGS every EAster. It makes you feel like a kid. Everyone there looked happy, for sure.

Emily M said...

Nice work, Super-Grammie. Those pretzel treats look really yummy...I better stay away from Sara and Amy's places until they're gone :/

Mickey said...

Yes love how the pretzel treats turned out. I did them a little different but yours look very Eastery! Great photos!

Mickey said...

Yes love how the pretzel treats turned out. I did them a little different but yours look very Eastery! Great photos!

thisisme said...

Precious times to spend with your grandchildren like that Pat, but I can imagine that you were pretty tired by the end of the day! Looks as if they all had a great time though. Happy Easter to you and your family.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Easter with young ones around is a lot of fun. Glad you had some time with them.

Delena said...

Grandkids really make us stay youthful don't they? How fun and what memories for them!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Fun!! We spent Easter in AZ so missed out on the fun w grand kids But sure enjoyed the warm weather in Ca n Az.