Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spring Things

This time of year sees the school kids winding up their year with a flurry of activities, field trips and special events.

Aidan's kindergarten class held it's annual Strawberry Tea last week.  It was very informal and fun.  I went with his parents, Amy and Curtis, and watched Aidan's class perform a few action songs for their guests, and then each child served his guests a piece of strawberry shortcake which they all had a hand in baking, slicing berries and whipping cream.  It was fun to see them hurry to serve parents and grandparents before they helped themselves to a piece of delicious cake and berries.

The room was decorated with large handprint flowers with a picture of a child
in the center.

Aidan's picture flower is the purple one to the left of his head.

He was very proud of himself for serving us without spilling anything.

And here we all are posing while his teacher took our picture.
School seems to be a lot more casual than when I was a pupil.  Aidan has the most wonderful kindergarten teacher - the same one as his two sisters before him had, so she was quite familiar with the family.

And in Lethbridge, my lilies are in bloom and the grass has had it's first mowing.  Lots of work to do there yet with the yard, but it's coming along nicely.  It's amazing how quickly the snow goes once spring sets in.  I'll have to get out and take more pictures.

Enjoy your spring weekend.



I love Aieden's flower picture with the handprints. How creative. Sounds like a lovely day. The shortcake must have been scrumptious.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those flowers are so cute ! Looks like you all had a grand time. School might seem more casual, but I've found out that kindergarteners are learning more now than ours did at that age. Here anyway it is a must where it used to be an option. Glad spring has arrived there. Here we've mowed the grass for sometime now and sometimes more than once a week.

Granny Annie said...

He looks very handsome, proud and happy in each picture.