Thursday, May 30, 2013

Feathered Fun

This past week we've been bird-sitting my daughter Jenny's lineolated parakeet while she and her husband take their five boys to explore their roots in far away Nova Scotia.

Oedie is a very social bird, the door of her cage is seldom closed.  She loves running around the floor, scooting under furniture and climbing on her people. When shes in her cage she whistles the theme from the Bridge Over the River Quai and the theme from another old television show.  A very entertaining little house guest.

She thought I made a tomato sandwich just for her.

When Mickey came over for a scrapbooking day yesterday, Oedie
had to get involved as well.

She paused in her exploring to pose for pictures.

But one thing we didn't let her share, was the delicious Jamaican
Lime Banana Bread I made.  So good, with coconut, lime, pecans
and bananas and a touch of rum flavoring.
Tomorrow Lloyd and I will take Oedie back to Jenn on our way down to Lethbridge.  We'll miss her little chirpy voice around here.


Chatty Crone said...

Looks like she is loved and a little spoiled! lol Love her color. sandie


Oedie is adorable. She sounds like she kept you good company. Glad she didn't eat your bread. It looks delicious.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a fun visitor you had. That banana bread sounds wonderful!

Granny Annie said...

I have to know where people with little birdies that fly free in their homes let them poop. We had a bank customer who used to come through our drive in with her parrot on her shoulder and lots of bird poop on her shoulder too.

Pat MacKenzie said...

Good point Annie. Luckily a parakeets poop is small and fairly inoffensive. We kept an eye on her and were diligent about wiping up after her.

Mickey said...

She's the cutest little bird and lovely to watch and is such a pretty colour! Amazing when she sings a song you recognize!

Ellie said...

What a beautiful wee bird she is too - sounds like she kept you all entertained :))