Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pigeon Lake

Lloyd and I decided to do a little exploring one day last week and ended up at a lovely spot just an hour south of Edmonton.  I had been to Pigeon Lake several times for scrapbooking retreats but always in the winter, and Lloyd had never been there so that was our destination.

Our main stop was called The Village at Pigeon Lake - a lovely little spot on the road with nothing but a conference center hotel and a little strip of shops and restaurants.  Lloyd commented that it was no wonder I liked going there for our scrapbook getaways.  See for yourself...

This is the village street - lovely little specialty shops and restaurants

There were flowers everywhere.  There's a small fountain right
behind Lloyd that started spraying as soon as we moved away
from this spot.

While I was checking out the large gift shop full of quaint unique goods,
Lloyd wandered down behind the shops and found this lovely little
water tableau.

The green building in the background is part of the inn where our scrapbook
retreats were held.  It's quite a popular retreat and close enough to the city to
be used by many different groups.  It even  has its own spa.  It's so peaceful there
surrounded by the natural woodlands.

Nice benches along the boardwalk for sitting and people watching.
Do you notice how my shoes match the phone in my hand?  That's
entirely intentional.  Love that color!

This shop on the corner was extremely popular.  Lloyd even broke
his "I don't wait in lines" rule to stand in line inside for some
delicious ice cream.

But not before taking a picture of me outside the ice cream shop.

Facing the row of shops is a lovely park with lots of picnic tables and
quiet spaces for people to sit and relax and eat a picnic lunch if they don't
want to try the goods offered at several of the restaurants there.

Another shot of Daisy McBeans, and the rest of the Inn in the background.

And more treasure chests full of flowers

This lovely gazebo in the center of the Village is where Lloyd and
I sat to eat our ice cream...so quiet and peaceful.

We didn't try this new restaurant but I had to get a picture of Lloyd in
front of it.  He's Papa to our grandchildren, so it was fitting.

Another quiet spot.  There's a little brook back where the grasses are high.
If we had been hungry we would have stopped at the ECOcafe for lunch.
I've eaten there when on a scrapbook retreat and the food is
delicious, fresh and natural, ecologically sound as the name suggests.

 But since we weren't hungry, we went down to the lake...but I'll save that for another time...maybe tomorrow.

I hope you're having a lovely summer so far.


Jill said...

The flowers are just beautiful there, Pat - lovely!!!

You must show your washi!!!

RoeH said...

Mmmmmmm......looks heavenly cool and refreshing.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks like a lovely place to visit. So far our summer has been a bit disappointing with rain for weeks on end and now a heat wave. I've spent far too much time indoors. Glad you are enjoying yours.


What a nice place to visit. Looks divine. All those eateries and flowers and water features.

Mickey said...

Nice scrapbooking memories from that lovely place!

Chatty Crone said...

I have to say that is looks so clean and crisp there. And many things to do. I have never been to Canada and I would love to go. sandie