Thursday, July 18, 2013

Scrappy Day

I had a fun day yesterday scrapping with my good buddy Mickey.  I did a bunch of happy pictures from my granddaughter's third birthday party.  Her mother, my daughter Sara, should be a professional event planner. Her kids have the most creative parties.

The theme of Quinny's party was Carnival.  Sara set up a carnival in her back yard with pennants, tons of balloons, game booths, face painting, fake tattooing, bouncy castle, popcorn, hotdogs and cotton candy, a photo booth with props, and more.  And I missed it!  I had to be in Lethbridge last weekend but thanks to Sara's pictures, I was able to enjoy it, sort of.

These are some fun layouts I've done of the party.  I'll be doing more when Sara gives me the rest of the pictures.

Three of my daughters - Sara, Amy and Emily

The birthday girl and her beautiful cake, made by a family friend.

Some pictures are worth scrapping twice.

These two clown sisters are the daughters of one of my daughters
in the first 'Silly Sisters' layout.
Doesn't that look like a fun party!


RoeH said...

Some people are just so good at that stuff. My poor kids and their birthdays. I never had any idea what to do and dropping clothespins into bottles from a certain height was not the most exciting activity in the world. Ahh well. The cakes were always good.

Ellie said...

Oh that does indeed look like a fun party :))
I love your scrapbooking, our Laura is going to be doing a scrapbook on wee Riley. I can't wait to see it.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It does look like a fun birthday for sure. Your scrapbooking pages are wonderfully done!


Oh my goodness that birthday cake is just marvelous.

Mickey said...

Fantabulous party and the scrapbooking was amazing. The papers perfectly matched the theme of the party.

Mickey said...

Eamon says "oh Pat is very good at Scrapbooking" when I showed hi these fun pages!