Monday, March 17, 2014

Cats and Kittens

I love cats and kittens...grew up with them, but haven't had one of my own since the early days of our marriage.  Now I get my cat 'fix' when I visit my kids' homes.  Here's or newest ones...

Sara's cat, Fang, just recently produced a litter of four - three identical females and one lighter male kitten.  Their eyes have just opened and they're starting to move around on their wobbly little legs.  So precious.

Baby getting one-on-one time with Mom

Pack of three, well fed and rested

The fourth tries to wander off on his own.

Meanwhile, over at Rob's house, their latest addition is a remarkable Bengal cat.  Rob is the reason we didn't have cats while the kids were growing up.  We learned early on that he was allergic to them.  When he and Cindy decided to get a pet for the kids, Rob visited the SPCA and rescue agencies and systematically handled different breeds of cats...just one breed a see if his allergies reacted to them.  And they did, he was allergic to all except one, the Bengal cat.  When they decided they could safely have this type of cat, the one he handled had already been adopted.  So they contacted a breeder who had the perfect cat for them.  She's a year old, spayed, and family friendly.  So she's now a part of their family.  And she's beautiful.

She always looked directly at the camera when she saw it.

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On top of her cat tree surveying her domain

She looks like a little leopard, such beautiful markings and she moves with the stealthy grace of a jungle cat.  She's a small, sleek cat with the silkiest fur I've ever felt.  Sometimes her breed is called cashmere bengal, and I totally see why.

Maybe when Lloyd and I finally stop travelling and moving around we'll get a cat of our own and I'll happily become a cat lady.  There's always something to look forward to :) In the meantime, as we visit our children and grandchildren, we'll enjoy our grandcats as well.



I have two kitties. LOVE them. The pictures of your family's are sweet. I LOVE the Bengal cat. GORGEOUS markings.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I had cats here for many years and miss them but now don't have any. Your cat pictures are so sweet. The little kittens are adorable. You're right though when your traveling a lot it's best not to have any.

thisisme said...

Hi Pat. Gosh, that Bengal cat is amazing, such wonderful markings, and just look at those eyes. The kittens are SO cute, and I love that name, Fang!! Hope all is well in your little corner of the world.

Granny Annie said...

I am a dog lady but it wouldn't take much to turn me into a cat lady. I try to stay away from getting attached to our barn cats but we have one now that I call Olive and she absolutely loves me to death. You know cats are not supposed to do that. The are aloof. Olive is not. She is at my feet the minute I am out the door and follows me all over the property. She gets along with my dog Slim and loves for me to pet her. I am doing all I can to resist bringing her inside. I know once she crosses that threshold I am toast. By the way, that Bengal cat is unbelievably gorgeous.

Mickey said...

We always had a cat when growing up, and a dog! But our middle child is also allergic to cats so no more since then.
Kittens are so cute. Hope they all find a new home!
D.(not sure how to spell the name) is a beauty! Love the eyes while you were taking photos! Is it love or suspicion?

Jeremy Strudwick said...

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