Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lushly Lemon

When we were in Arizona earlier this month, we were amazed to see the huge bunch of lemons on the small lemon tree we planted six years ago.  And not just little northern grocery store sized lemons but large gorgeous bursting with juice fruit.

One of the things I like best about lemon trees is the fact that they keep producing.  On this
branch you can see blossoms, little green baby lemons, as well as the mature fruit
ready to be picked.  And nothing smells quite as lovely as lemon blossoms.

I picked some, as well as some oranges, just to have on display.  Just
look at the size of those babies.  I put a couple of 'regular' sized ones
in too, just for perspective.  When I sliced them the juice just dripped
from them.

I made this most delicious dessert (twice actually) from a recipe I found
on Pintrest.  Its a trifle made using a torn up angle food cake, lemon  filling
like you'd make for a lemon meringue pie, coconut and whipped cream, all layered together
for a delightful melding of flavors.  I made mine quite tart because I used the zest of one
lemon, but it was one of the huge ones.  So good!

Of course a lemon loaf needed to be made.  I learned a good lesson with
this one.  We don't do much baking when we're down there on vacation
so the flour I used was the same flour we bought six years ago.  Flour
does not age well and it gave the loaf a distinctly 'old' flavor.  It sure
smelled good baking though.

Of course we kept a jug of lemon water in the fridge for sipping
during the hot Arizona days, and made some delicious jugs
of fresh squeezed lemonade as well.
There's just something special about using ingredients you pick from trees in your own back yard, or vegetables from your garden.  I just wish we were able to bring some of the lemons and oranges home with us, but the customs officials frown on such things.  Actually, they take it from you if you try to take it from the US into Canada, and vice versa.  Oh well, it makes us enjoy them all the more when we're down there.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That's too bad you couldn't take any home. I love lemons and oranges too. I make lemonade regularly here, it's one of my favorite beverages winter and summer, but of course mine are store bought and not half so nice.

Mickey said...

I'd never seen such big juicy lemons, ever!
We made lemon water, lemonade and oh that trifle was beyond description! Even now makes my mouth water!


So wonderful that you got to use some of the lemons. I bet they smell heavenly.

thisisme said...

How wonderful to have your own lemons like that. I love lemons in anything, lemon cake, lemon biscuits, lemon mouse and, of course, the traditional Lemonade. Pity about the flour though!

Granny Annie said...

I will never be able to eat a trifle because of one episode of FRIENDS where Rachel made a trifle and mixed up two recipes and put a layer of ground beef, peas and carrots with the torn up angle food cake, fruit filling, meringue, coconut and whipped cream, etc. Everyone ate it so they wouldn't' hurt her feelings. Yuk! And yours looks so delicious!

Granny Sue said...

That dessert looks delicious. I might give it a try this weekend since I have company coming in. Thanks for the warmth of the south on this chilly day!

Ellie said...

How lovely to have a lemon tree, it's a real pity you couldn't take them home with you. They are really big - I don't think I've ever seen such large lemons. I bet they tasted just wonderful too :))