Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jennifer's Big Day

I think I may have mentioned in an earlier blog (or two) that our daughter, Jennifer Quist, has had her first novel published.  It has received excellent reviews across Canada and even in the US.  'Love Letters of the Angel of Death' is not your typical modern novel (neither a romance nor a supernatural genre) and as such has garnered the notice of literary groups.

Today, Lloyd and I, as well as Jenn's husband, Anders, and the two oldest of their five sons, were with her at the beautiful Government House when she, along with seven other artists of various types, was presented with the Lieutenant Governors Award for Emerging Artists.

This award is presented every two years to eight artists who are at the beginning of their career as an acknowledgement of their talent and an inspiration to help them continue.  It consists of a special medal engraved with their name as well as a very sizable cheque.  Not to mention the prestige and boost just having this award gives them.  In describing Jenny's work, the adjudicators said:

"Her writing is extraordinarily strong, powerfully handled, and evidence of a rarely encountered original voice." - Adjudicators

It was such a wonderful event.  Government house is so grand and elegant, yet the event was personal and warm.  The award was presented by its patron, His Honour, Colonel (Retired) the Honourable Donald S. Ethell, OC OMM AOE MSC CD LLD, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. (I looked it up to make sure I got the title right).  Although a formal event, this lovely man and his wife were gracious, kind and pleasant to speak with.  His Honour, in handing out the awards, had something humorous to say to everyone.

But it was our Jenny who uttered the quote of the day that had everyone laughing.  As he was presenting the award, His Honour said to her, "With all the writing you do how did you find time to have so many children?"  Jenn grinned and said, "Oh, they were just thrust upon me".

In European fashion each of the female recipients was given the two cheek kiss.

Facing the official media photographers, and me.
After the presentation of awards, the recipients and guests, about 50 people in all, were invited downstairs for a luncheon buffet where we were able to mingle and eat the loveliest little pastries, sandwiches and sweets.  I discovered that pansies are very tasty additions to canapes.

The Lieutenant Governor and his wife were available for official (and unofficial) photos on the patio and a kind guest (who I later learned is a professional photographer) offered to take a photo with my camera so I could be included in it.  He must have found my Canon Rebel Ti3 a far cry from his equipment.

Their Honours with the eight award recipients

The Honourable Lieutenant Governor and Mrs. Ethell
Me, Anders, Jonah, Jenny, Sam and Lloyd
We were just a wee bit proud today!


Mickey said...

Congratulations to Jen! What a very special honour!
Such a lovely family picture of you all!
You and Lloyd must be bursting with pride!

Anonymous said...

Did you manage to keep your sobs subtle?

Pat MacKenzie said...

Mary, you know me well, but I was able, with a tremendous force of will, not to drip salt water on Jenny's big day.

Pat MacKenzie said...

Mary, you know me well, but I was able, with a tremendous force of will, not to drip salt water on Jenny's big day.


What a wonderful honor. Congratulations.

Granny Annie said...

Be proud and be loud. What an exciting day. What an honor for your obviously talented daughter. We all write, we all dream and when we are so close to one who achieves such success, we are proud too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Congratulations to your daughter! You must be so very proud of her accomplishment.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

What an honor!!! Awesome for you to get to partake in it all too!! I must must get her book! said...

oh wow what an honor.