Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Scrapbooking Day at Last

Now that Mickey and I no longer live in the same city - actually 500 kms apart now - we can't get together to scrapbook as often as we used to.  Luckily Lloyd and I travel up to Edmonton often to visit the kids and grands and attend to various appointments.  Last week when we went up there I took a suitcase full of scrapbooking supplies and pictures and Mickey and I spent a whole day working playing at our favorite hobby.

Emily used to scrapbook with us but has been too busy working for the past few years to join us.  Now that she's on maternity leave she has decided to start scrapbooking again so she and Olive joined us for a productive fun day.

Of course a nice part of the day was spent holding our little star.

Mickey and Olive
Layout #1.  I have trouble photographing the layouts so they are perfectly square.
They're done on 12 x 12 inch cardstock.

She's wearing her Olive You onesie.

Emily wanted to do a layout of Olive's hands and feet.  Olive didn't want her to!  Olive won.

Getting the ink washed off her hand
 We never did get a handprint but we did get a cute little footprint for Emily to scrapbook.

We got busy when Olive went down for her nap and each of us produced a good number of layouts.  The ones shown here are mine because I forgot to take pictures of Mickey's and Emily's.

I love the way she's looking at Lloyd in the first photo...so bright eyed and interested.

Of course the layouts look better in real life.  The color is a bit faded out here.

The background of this layout is actual burlap fused onto cardstock.  It
makes a wonderful texture to bring out the texture of the woven basket the
baby is sleeping in.

At her first portrait setting at three weeks, given as a gift to Emily and Allan, the photographer
captured the smallness and sweetness of Olives hands and feet.  No, those
aren't her actual footprints on the paper.
It felt good to be back scrapbooking with Mickey again and to share our time with Emily and Olive. Friends, family and good productive fun.  It doesn't get much better than that.


doodles n daydreams said...

Wow, two wonderful days for you, one with Jenny (previous post) and now one with wee Olive with a bit of scrapbooking on the side. She's going to love her book when she gets older. Great to read about, family time is wonderful isn't it?



What a terrific way to spend your time. The scrapbooking pages look wonderful. Olive is a precious doll. Love that you all got her footprint. I wish my daughter had more time to scrapbook. She loves it. Unfortunately, she works in a hospital and her time is limited.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do love those scrapbook pages. What a fun way to get together!

RoeH said...

What a cute name. Olive. I have a friend here in my ward who named her baby Ivy. LOVE that. I asked her if it came from an ancestor. She said no - she was walking in a cemetery one time and saw in on a gravestone and fell in love with it. I wish I could go back in time and give Angie a new name. I've never liked that name on her. What a cutie!

Mickey said...

Great productive day that was! We all accomplished a lot with three of us baby watching! We love getting together to scrap! Can't wait til the next get together!
How did I get so behind in your blogs? 😳