Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's The Deal With.....?


When we lived in Nova Scotia...on the east coast...surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean...seagulls were an expected part of life. We'd see them everywhere. We became very familiar with their songs (?) at the beach, in parking lots, everywhere.

These ones were where they belonged...in the small but famous fishing village of Peggy's Cove, NS.

Why, then, when we moved to the middle of the prairies out here in Alberta, do we still see and hear the creatures? We see them in grain fields, parking lots, and especially in fast food restaurant parking lots.

These ones were at Henderson Lake in the middle of Lethbridge, AB, which is in the middle of cattle and wheat country. Not a likely place for SEA gulls, one would think.

Are they lost? Homesick? Or just different gull families who migrated inland? There must be a story somewhere and I suppose if I took the time to Google it, I'd find out. But I'd rather just think of the gulls as one of those mysteries of nature.

I remember when we sailed from Quebec to Germany in 1960 with Dad's army regiment, we used to watch the gulls follow behind the ship and dive down to snap up kitchen scraps that were thrown down for them. I thought they must be very brave and strong to follow the ship for 6 or 7 days across the ocean with no sign of land.

Interesting birds, for sure. I like them.


Kath said...

I never seen a sea gull til I was 17 yrs old when we went to the Pacific Ocean. Now we have them here too.
I too think they are awesome birds!! So pretty too.

Mickey said...

Beautiful pics Pat. We're also being bothered by crows and never have before. They are getting into our garbage. I do not like them.

Jane said...

Nice photos. We have gulls here too, far from the ocean. I read somewhere that there is a species of gull that does live inland.


Mike said...

I think it's California Gulls that we have in Alberta.