Thursday, July 8, 2010

Which One's the Antique?

When Lloyd was young his family lived in a rural community called Harvey Station, New Brunswick. Their home was surrounded by acres of farm land so his parents invested in cows, an infamous nasty bull, a dog, cats and chickens. Lloyd loved the years spent on the farm in spite of the chores that fell to him to complete. For one thing, almost before he could reach the pedals, he was allowed to drive the tractor. Such freedom and responsibility! He loved it.

When he was 14 his family left the farm for the 'big' city of Fredericton, and he never had the chance to live on a farm again.

When one of our city-raised daughters took her city-raised sons to a farm museum in rural Alberta, her #4 son, Micah, discovered that he too loved 'driving' a tractor.

"Look Mom I'm a farmer"

I guess some traits skip a generation. On look, I just noticed, the 'antique' tractor Micah is driving is the same as the 'modern' one Lloyd was driving back in the late 1950s.


Anonymous said...

Micah needs a farmer hat.

Jane said...

Those boys look like they are having a terrific time. Enjoy the weekend!


Sara_HB said...

I should show you the pic I have of my kids on an antique tractor too. I do love it when you post Jen's pics because she so rarely shares them.
And that's cool that it's the same tractor. I noticed that right away.

JQ said...

Ack, my comment didn't save. I didn't know when you mentioned the twin picture that the tractors were exactly the same. That is so cool! Sara, thanks to you AQ is now a hobby photographer so expect better photo output from us.