Friday, July 30, 2010

It's What I Do

I've been doing more scrapbooking - looking at older pictures lately rather than up-to-date goings on of the family.

These three layouts are ones that I did the basic work on last October when Mickey and I went to a scrapbook convention in Glendale, AZ. I've looked at them a lot since then and finally, in the past week, I got the pictures, words and embellishments right and put them all together. I think they turned out pretty good, in spite of my not liking the basic design/papers we were given to use.

I loved the wording in this one. I had a hard time deciding whether to use me and my sister as the subjects or my five daughters. Settled on Wendy and me. Maybe I'll do one for my daughters later.

I love doing layouts of me and Lloyd and in this one I was able to include pictures of us together from our pre-dating time in 1965 till a self portrait in 2009. The lovebird embellishments were done on my Cricut cutter.

We were given this purple/yellow/green color scheme at the convention. When I went through my photos I came across this beautiful picture of Brooklyn in her purple dress last year.
I hope to do more scrapbooking this weekend.


JQ said...

I'm so glad you use your own handwriting on the pages. I've always loved the sight of it.

Jane said...

These are very beautiful. Great job!


Mickey said...

Do love how the sisters layout turned out with pics. The one of you & Lloyd is special too! I must start taking pics of my recent layouts & finish off some of the AZ. ones too!

Annesphamily said...

My oldest daughter got me into scraping! I need to get busy. We were having so much fun and then my darn son-in-law bought a motorcycle. Just in time for the Spring/Summer 2010! Drat! They were on many adventures. Maybe she will hep me out this Fall/Winter. I havr so many ideas in mind. Your pages are terrific! Thanks for sharing. Anne