Thursday, September 30, 2010

Backyard Drama

Elly and I watched this drama unfold in the back yard today.

"You watch the front, I'll chase him out the back"

"I know there's a mouse in here someplace"

"Come out, come out. I just want to play with you"

(At this point, Mickey pushed the toy truck over on its side. No mouse ran out.)

"He's still here...I can smell him"

"Are you going to help me or not?"

"OK, ok...I'll help"

Percy: "I think I see something."

"I see him." (If you look carefully you can see a little mouse head in the wheel well.)

"Come out and play with me little mousie"

"Are you stuck...I'll help you out".

"Get ready...He's coming!"

"There he goes!" (see the mouse tail in the lower left)

"He wants to negotiate...ok I'll give you a little head start"

"Rats! Foiled again!"


Jane said...

Great photo essay! The kitties are so cute. So I take it that it was cats = 0 and mouse = 1??


RH (aka Lucy) said...

Awww... I always think what those giant cats look like to that little tiny mouse. I loved this post. I like watching cats hunt. They are so clever at it and then they team up.

Emtron said...

Mum, why did you delete my comment on this?

Mike said...

She doesn't put up with such profanity, Em.

Chatty Crone said...

Hey - I know cats are supposed to eat mice, but I have to admit, I was for the mouse! Sandie

Pat MacKenzie said...

Em, I didn't delete any comments. Are you sure you posted it right? Try again please.

Emtron said...

I saw it! It was the first one up, I swear! Well, maybe I screwed up, who knows. I prefer to think you're censoring me for coming out and saying the cold hard truth, which is that these cats are really adorable.

Pat MacKenzie said...

Em, it dropped off into cyberspace! Yes the cats are adorable. It looks like Mickey is finally teaching Percy to hunt.