Friday, November 26, 2010

Back to Kindergarten

My granddaughter, Sydney, has the best kindergarten teacher in the world. I first met Mrs. Schalin when Syd's older sister, Kenzie, was in kindergarten three years ago. She has a magical way with kids.

Each year in November Mrs. Schalin organizes a Grandparent's Day when all of the kids' grandparents are invited to spend the morning in class with their grandchild. I went three years ago with Kenzie and again today with Sydney. We did crafts, had snacks, and listened to a mini-concert by the kids. It was a lovely, fun, one-on-one time with the grandkids.

We made a wreath ornament for my Christmas tree with Syd's picture in the center.

We shared snacks at recess time.

We traced our hands and cut out the shapes and decorated them with glitter glue for classroom Christmas decorations.

We made a beautiful wreath which will be used to decorate the gymnasium for the school's Christmas program.

And we listened to original, fun songs by the entire class. I videoed a couple of the songs and tried to put one here but it didn't come across very well. It was a lovely song about how everyone needs a minimum, not a maximum, of four hugs a day.
I hope you all get your four hugs, and have a fun time with your children and/or grandchildren now that the holidays are just about upon us.


Mickey said...

Oh such fun Pat! I agree with her being an awesome teacher! You did EXACTLY the same things as I did with my two Grandchildren 5 & 6 yrs ago! Did you also have lemon water?! Looking forward to their Christmas concert this year!

RH (aka Lucy) said...

You're so lucky that you can live there and be part of that day for her. My kids never had their grandparents here and now my own live too far away. It shouldn't be that way but more often than not, it is. What a neat activity.

Jane said...

This looks like a lot of fun! Hope that you are keeping well,


Amy said...

Sydney loved that time with you!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness that looked like so much fun! It will be a day and a memory you both will share! I think that was AWESOME! sandie

Amy said...

Mom, can you email me these pics?