Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Playing Catch Up

We've been so busy since getting home on Sunday that I haven't had a chance until now to post an entry. This is a catch up one, in point form.

1. We arrived home from AZ around after midnight Sunday night. I didn't miss my connecting flight but had to spend three hours in the Minneapolis Airport waiting for's a beautiful airport, but I was too tired to explore it much. Lloyd and I arrived in Edmonton within minutes of one another and met up in the customs and immigration area. Never travelling separately again...too worrisome.

2. On our last night in AZ we went to our friend Les' hallowe'en display, which he and his buddy call the "Haunt" for a trial run. It was quite impressive. One of us screamed like a sissy at one point of the tour! My pictures didn't turn out very well because of the dark and my lack of knowledge of tricky photography.

This guy was about 15 feet high.

3. The AZ pool heater was repaired on Monday, after we got home, so now we need to go back just for a swim :) We really missed using it during the week we were there. It was a minor problem that was fixed with the flick of a switch!!! If only we had known!

4. We missed hallowe'en with the kids. On Monday night Amy dressed her 3 oldest kids up in their costumes and came down to show us how they looked. She forgot to take pictures of them when they went out 'truck or treating' so I took some for her on Monday.

5. Was good to get back to my 'job' looking after Sara's 4. It's nice to miss and be missed by the grandkids.

6. Lloyd and I babysat for Rob and Cindy last night while they went to the Oilers game. Too bad our team lost, but we enjoyed the two grandkids for the evening.

7. We're going to the hospital tonight to visit an old roommate of mine who is there with hallucinations brought on by Parkinson's. It's sad to see old friends actually getting old.

8. Tomorrow our #7 baby Emily and her husband Allan are coming over for dinner and fun.

9. Friday is my fun day with Mickey, which I'll have to cut short to help Amy with transport 7-year old Kenzie home from her dental surgery.

10. And on the weekend, we'll relax, I hope.


Mickey said...

Wow that is quite the haunted house!
Too bad about the switch!
Halloween costumes so cute. No problem getting them into their costumes again I see!
And no problem with you meeting up with Amy & Kenzie. Let's go a little earlier & find a place in the West End for lunch.

JQ said...

Mummie, we're sooooo sick.

RH (aka Lucy) said...

Glad you made it home safely. See you on the return trip.

Emtron said...

Glad you're back, looking forward to hanging out

Sara_HB said...

The grandkids aren't the only ones who missed you.

And by the way, it's "trunk or treat" .. not truck.