Thursday, December 30, 2010

Families at Christmastime

Lloyd and I have often thought it would be nice if all of our kids lived in the same town as us, but as they've found their own place in life (and Canada) we're enjoying the fun of making trips to visit those of our kids and grandkids who don't live nearby. This Christmas, for the first time in a long while, we've actually been able to visit with all seven kids, their spouses, and 20 grandkids.

We enjoyed Christmas in Edmonton with Sara's, Amy's, Emily's, and Rob's families. Then on Boxing Day we drove an hour south to visit with Jenny's family. From there we drove an additional 4 hours to our home in Lethbridge where we're enjoying visiting with Mike's family who live down here, and Mary's family who live in BC but travelled 12 hours over the mountains to spend Christmas with her in-laws near here. They've spent the last three days with us. It's great to see the cousins who only see one another two or three times a year become reacquainted and enjoy playing with one another.

For some reason or other I don't have good pictures of Christmas this year - the flash on one camera wasn't working and I'm a klutz when it comes to my Canon Rebel. Here's a small sampling of some of the better ones.

Board games at Christmas instead of solitary video games
Charlie and Andrew playing, baby Quinn watching - Edmonton

Three of the four Woolf cubs in Edmonton - Tate's first Christmas (Amy's children)

Mary (from BC) bonding with her niece, Hannah, in Lethbridge

Mike's boys and Mary's son - cousins becoming friends in Lethbridge

Layla (Mary's daughter) fell in love with her little cousin Hannah (Mike's daughter)

Mike holding his boys, Kenny and Alex, until they overcame their
shyness with their Auntie Mary's family

Layla and Grammie playing air hockey - a popular game this year

Papa, Mary and Baron playing air hockey

Elly's new car - Edmonton

Lloyd cooking our traditional Christmas breakfast

Mike helping Hannah with her gift

Layla and Baron Bourne - Mary and Greg's kids

Papa and Max (Sara's son) playing a large version of air hockey.

And that's how our Christmas unfolded - lots of family, food and fun.


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^..^Corgidogmama said...

Well, you covered all bases it appears! Happy memories with everyone was the true gift this year for you all!

Mickey said...

I think you have great pictures! A full fun Christmas holiday with family!

Amy said...

Your pics make me wish we had been able to get to Lethbridge to see Mike and Mary's families.