Thursday, December 23, 2010

Waiting for Santa?

Percy is a bit of a prima dona, if that can be said of a tomcat. This large Balinese Blue Point lays around the house purring (hence his name - Purr-cy), waiting for his friend Mickey, of indeterminant breed, to entertain him, or bring him mice or birds to play with in the summer. Never have I known him to climb a tree.

Until Christmas - and not just any tree - an artificial decorated tree standing in the comfort of his living room. In truth we probably have to blame Mickey for Percy even thinking of climbing the tree...she showed him how.

He tries to look fierce, but in reality he's just...well...just a pussy cat! His greatest joy in life is sitting on your book or paper or whatever it is you're doing and purring loudly begging to be rubbed and petted. And we usually accommodate him. Surely Santa will put something for him and his friend under the tree this year.

Merry Christmas Percy and Mickey!


Sara_HB said...

uhhh....actually, no. Santa has nothing planned for the cats this year.

Jane said...

Oh, too cute! I had a cat that loved to climb the Christmas tree, but she tended to make quite the mess while she was there. Merry Christmas to you!


Mickey said...

We always had cats but I never remember them getting into our Christmas trees! They look so cute and posing for pics no less!