Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tree Time

I had almost decided not to put up our small tree this year, especially since we'll be away from Boxing Day till New Year's Day. But then I read my daughter Mary's blog this morning and changed my mind. As fate would have it, I ended up with daughter Sara's three daughters this afternoon while Sara took Max to hockey, so we all got to work and decorated.

Elly and Charlie

Charlie setting up the Nativity

If you followed the link to Mary's blog you'll know that we used to make ornaments when the kids were small and some years our tree was totally decorated with home-made ornaments - blown and decorated eggs, knitted bears, tiny stockings and mittens, painted plaster ornaments, and lots of others. Since the kids have left home, each of them taking some of their favorite and/or sentimental home-made ornaments with them, I've been buying old fashioned glass ornaments which remind me of my childhood Christmasses and putting them on my tree.

Today, after reading Mary's blog, I ignored my glass ornaments in favor of what I have left of the homemade ones and a few store-bought ones that I've had for ages. Charlie and Elly enjoyed seeing all my old ornaments, especially the ones with their mother's name on them, dated so long before they were born. I gave those ones to Sara when she came to pick the kids up.

I've seen trees in three of my children's homes so far this year and on each tree there are eggs or knitted ornaments that I made when they were young. It's nice that they appreciate the memories that those ornaments bring back to them.

Cross stitched ornament from 1998

Knitted mini-stocking - 1980s

Cross stitched stockings - 1990

Knitted bells - 1970s and 80s

Beaded stitched mini-stockings 1990s

Wood ornaments made by DIL Avril - 2008

Purchased Arizona souvenir ornament - 2009

Porcelain wreath with granddaughter Layla's
picture. Made by daughter Sara - 2007

Purchased picture frame - 2008


Lucy (aka RHarper) said...

Love all those neat ornaments. What a neat tree. When I was out to the Botanical Gardens last Sunday evening, the gift shop had so many cute Arizona ones. Tempting!

mickey said...

So happy you got your tree up. They really do bring ack awesome memories. This year we have put only a few ornaments up and only in the upper half of our tree because of our Charlie! Do miss seeing all the usual ones.

JQ said...

I made the beaded stocking with Em's name on it.

Chatty Crone said...

Glad you decided to put up your tree and it is a lovely one at that! sandie

Emtron said...

Mum, I never got any of "my" ornaments, and I have no ornaments at all for my tree that aren't second-hand hideous castoffs made by other people's children, or horrendously tacky glass balls that shatter at the slightest provocation. do you still have any to spare??

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Reading this makes me feel guilty!! I decided I dont have the space this year so was not putting one up again this year. With a table set up with all the wedding stuff accumulated on it my house is a disaster zone! And where I usually set the tree I have another file cabinet that was very much needed.
We have outgrown the main floor! If only we could move that empty bedroom downstairs......

Mickey said...

Bet your Mom has plenty for you Emily!!

Jane said...

Your ornaments are beautiful!