Thursday, November 24, 2011

From Swimming Pools to Skating Rinks

NHL hockey is huge in Canada!  It's where ice hockey started.  Hockey is to Canada what football is to the US and soccer is to Europe.  Our favorite team, of course, is the Edmonton Oilers, and they're doing wonderfully well this year - first in their division so far.

Down here we have the desert outpost of the National Hockey League team - the Phoenix Coyotes.  They have a beautiful big arena complex and it's slowly growing in popularity but there are still lots of empty seats at the games - unlike Oilers games which are always sold out.  We try to be here when Edmonton is playing Phoenix but weren't that lucky this time.  But Lloyd and I went last night to see our second favorite team, the Coyotes, play the Anaheim Ducks.

Giant inflated Phoenix Coyote in the arena complex

Part of the arena complex
A friendly stranger offered to take our picture in the arena complex

It was a great game, which the Coyotes won 4-1.  We had center ice seats eight rows from the ice.  It's so much fun being there instead of watching it on television like we do at are much cheaper down here than in Edmonton. 

Players and coaches at the Phoenix bench

Good goal tending by Phoenix goalie Mike Smith

The fans react as the Coyotes score a goal. 
Face off at the Ducks net.
 It was a fun game to be at.  It was strange though to see fans in the stands wearing shorts and flip flops.  Even if it's not winter weather here, it's darn cold sitting down there by the ice.  A great evening's fun.

Today is Thanksgiving here in the US, so to all my American friends - Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your families on this long weekend.  Tomorrow is Black Friday and the stores are opening at midnight, some at 3am, for their special black Friday sales.  It'll be a madhouse.  I think I'll just sleep through it!


Flora said...

Sounds like fun! yes this weather is great heh!!

Black Friday... I enjoy it...I just wait until 8:00 am though:)

Magpie said...

I'm so glad you're supporting the local team here and have such a passion for the game.
I'm with you on Black Friday shopping. I'll be snoozing.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I dont do the black Friday sales shopping either. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.!


It is always more fun to see any sporting event up close and personal. Sounds like you both enjoyed yourself at the hockey game. For the first time in years, since I am a nightowl, braved the crowds and went shopping for bargains at 2-3 am. Just got back. Feeling good about my finds. Take care.

LaelShine said...

I went to my very first hockey game ever,just last year. Edmonton/Calgary *spit Calgary won. *double spit;p
It was a hoot! I'm hooked now:)

I'm so glad you had such a nice time!