Sunday, April 8, 2012

Busy Day in Osoyoos, Oliver and Penticton

Since we just have 2 full days with the kids in Oliver, we packed a lot of fun and adventure into our first day.  Since Greg had to work at the golf course that he and Mary manage, Lloyd and I picked up Mary, Baron and Layla in the morning and headed out.

Our first stop was a bird sanctuary not far from their home.

Mary, Baron and Layla on the boardwalk
 It was a lovely, peaceful place.  Although we heard many birdsongs, we didn't see any birds.

 Except for these two pink jacketed females of the MacKenzie species.

When we came to the observation tower, we climbed the stairs and looked out the windows.  Layla and Baron were the first ones up and leaned out to see me and have their picture taken.

From up there we finally spotted the one and only bird we saw - a bald eagle in the water quite a distance from the tower.  Thanks to a zoom lens I was able to get this picture of him, and his reflection in the water.

Then, following the water theme, we visited the first of three or four lakes in the area.  The first was a called Green Lake.  It really was a remarkable and beautiful shade of green.

We were driving up some low rounded mountains which framed the valley, following beautiful twisty roads to get to these lakes.    The Okanaghan is really the most beautiful valley I've ever seen.

We walked through the brush to the next lake.

This one is unofficially known as Purple Lake.  Because of a particular bacterial strain in the water, there's a layer of water slightly beneath the surface that is a deep purple color.  The water is high right now so the purple layer wasn't as obvious as it usually is.  The shore of the lake consists of sticky thick white sand-like ground...kind of weird feeling.

Even the rocks along the shoreline were coated in the dried and solidified version of the white gooey soil.

Another view along the road we were beautiful.

In a field along the way we spotted this interesting looking car for sale.  It only has three tires - the one tire in the front is placed dead center.  Must make for easy cornering, but I think it'd make the car feel slightly unbalanced.  I wonder how much the owner wanted for it.

The third lake is one of two lakes called White Lake.  Can you guess why???

It was fenced off and unapproachable.  I don't know why the lakes in this valley have such interesting colors.  Mary also told us that half an hour further on there's a Yellow Lake, and another lake with large spots in it.  Strange.  We'll have to see those another day.  As we headed toward Penticton for lunch, we passed the large, beautiful, popular Skaha Lake.  We stopped at a lookout where I took this picture of the  far shore of the lake, and it's reflection in the water.  It's hard to tell where reality ends and the reflection begins.  The water was so still and smooth today.

Then back to Mary's place again where the new Mastiff pup, Maizie, was waiting for us.  She's a sweet dog, if a trifle enthusiastic in her puppiness.  Very friendly and sweet.

Greg was home from work by the time we got back, so we all headed back to the golf course for an early evening game - except for me - I just went to take pictures.

Mary and Layla are cute in their matching jackets and pink golf bags.

Baron (3 years old) is very serious about his golfing - he even takes lessons.  He tires quickly though and ended up just hitting a couple of balls each hole.  He has his own clubs too, a gift from Papa last year.

And Layla looks like a junior pro out there.  She can actually hit the ball quite a distance.  She'll be a serious golfer one day.

And see, that's cactus growing in the rough on the golf course.  There's quite a lot of it there.  The Osoyoos area is in Canada's desert so it's only natural that we have desert plants here - surprizing, but natural.

The Bournes on the golf course.

The kids fought over who would ride with Papa, so it was settled by having both of them ride with him.  He's a very popular grandfather.

I spotted these guests on the 7th hole.  The rest of the herd - about 5 more - were grazing in the brush. They tolerated my presence for a little while before they got spooked and ran off.  Beautiful animals.

And now it's time for bed to be rested up for tomorrow's excitement.

Happy Easter everyone.



What a wonderful adventure you all had. Those lake views were breathtaking. Budding golfers, indeed. I expect we'll see them at the tournaments in a few years. You all have a HAPPY EASTER. ENJOY!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The pictures are all just beautiful. Thanks for sharing those amazing lakes with us. Glad you got to spend such a nice day with your grandchildren. Happy Easter!

Jane said...

Your pictures are just amazing and so very beautiful! Especially love the golf game!


Magpie said...

I love all the variety in today's post. The eagle is fantastic. The car made me laugh. And all the lakes were fascinating. Glad you had such a good time with your family.

Granny Annie said...

Kayla certainly appears to know just what she is doing. Baron will get there but for now he looks like he is trying to kill the ball. LOL All the photos are great.

Thisisme. said...

Love your new header photo! What a super trip you are having - stunning photos of such a peaceful looking place. I can't get over those two little ones playing golf like that. I suppose that's what you have to do, start them early! Happy Easter to you and all your family.

Ellie said...

Hi Pat,
I've just been looking through your posts about your holiday. You have some fantastic pictures and you have driven through some pretty spectacular scenery.
It sounds as if you had a great day with your grandchildren.
Thanks so much for posting your pictures - it's lovely to see another part of the world.
By the way I love your new header picture.