Friday, April 5, 2013


This past weekend we celebrated Easter combined with Birthdays.  Our son, Mike, has managed to cluster his family's birthdays such that they can all be celebrated at once.  In one week in March we have Mike's birthday, followed by Alex and Hannah's, a couple days apart.  Following closely is his wife, Avril's, birthday and then Kenny's.

Since we're not going to be there to celebrate each birthday individually, we had a birthday celebration as part of our Easter dinner.

Of course, opening the presents came first

For the birthday cake and blowing out of the candles, I had a stroke of genius that was a lot of fun.  First I got a cupcake cake, which makes for easy serving.  Then, in order for each birthday person to have a chance to blow out his/her own candles, I grouped the candles in sections and just set fire to one section at a time.

First Alex blew out his five candles.

Then Kenny blew out his corner of seven candles.

 Followed by Hannah blowing out her three candle corner.

For the adults, I just put three candles, representing past, present and future.  Avril blew her three out first.

And finally Mike blew his three out.

With each individual blowing out of the candles, we sang Happy Birthday to the featured birthday person...a lot of singing!

Then I stood the remaining three candles from the packet up in a pool of wax on the table and Emily did her TaeKwonDo trick skill of 'punching' the candles out using the wind generated from the amazing speed of her flying fist of death!  Nice trick Em.

While we were in Lethbridge, Allan, Emily and I went to walk around the still mostly frozen Park Lake.

and Lloyd, Emily, Allan and I took a drive down to Cardston to put flowers on Lloyd's parents grave. It was nice to see that the decorations Kenzie and Charlie placed on the grave last summer were still there.  It's a lovely spot to visit.

It's snowing here in Edmonton today and isn't suppose to stop until there's 15cm of it.  Frustrating since the snow pack from the last storm was almost completely melted.  With that in mind, Mickey and I are heading down to Arizona on Tuesday for a ten-day break.  Yea!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love your idea of the 3 candles for past, present and future. I'll keep that in mind for celebrating my children's' birthdays. As adults get gets rather hard to put a candle on cakes for all the years they're now celebrating. I'm glad you are getting a 10 day break away from the winter like weather. Think Spring!


The cupcake cakes are a clever invention for sure. GREAT idea putting the candles on it the way you did to celebrate everybody's birthday. ENJOY your vacation.

Bev said...


cube said...

Love the family stuff, but as a Floridian, I don't love the cold stuff... yikes!

Here via Granny Annie.

Mickey said...

Won't regret the lovely Spring weather we are leaving!

Love these beautiful family photos Pat - the birthdays, spring scenery and the cemetery photo. Great memories!

doodles n daydreams said...

Hi Pat, Thanks for coming over for a visit and thanks for following. I hope you won't get bored - I really don't have a theme, just whatever might be happening.
I'm now your newest follower as well, I've enjoyed browsing through your blog, love your photo's, it's great to see all the family enjoying time together.


Granny Annie said...

My sister has a group of her family birthdays clustered around Thanksgiving. I am going to tell her about the candles on the cake. What a clever girl you are!

Ellie said...

Oh what great family birhtday/Easter celebrations. I love your birthday cake idea :))
I hope you really enjoy your holiday in the warm :)

JQ said...

You bet the grave decorations were still there. They wouldn't dare mess with that one after what happened last time.