Friday, May 3, 2013

A New Way

When we were in Arizona last month, Mickey and I spent our quiet evening hours working on a new (to us) type of scrapbooking. Smash Books are a more informal free-flowing type of scrapbooking incorporating memorial is, hand written notes, doodling, etc for a quick-to-finish type of scrapbook. We printed pictures daily and had our books half finished before we had to come home. Here's how it turned out. The pages are not in the same order as they appear in the book.

We kept our scrapbooking supplies on the dining room table
 so they were always ready for us to use.

Title Page

What do you think of the new size/style/format?  I think its a fun way to document a trip or event.  I won't be giving up my standard 12 x 12 layouts though.  Both styles have their uses.

Have a good weekend.


Granny Annie said...

So much better than home movies! Love the scrapbooks and you certainly have a flair for making it all look wonderful. Wish I could have hidden in your suitcases:)


I LOVE them. What a wonderful keepsake.

RoeH said...

I love seeing your scrapbooks. My brain just can't organize like that. Beautiful job.

Mickey said...

Oh I love it especially the new pages that I had not seen. You cover is beautiful. They were fun to do and I still have to finish mine!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Great job on the scrapbook pages. They are wonderful.

Bev said...

I don't do scrapbooks...but it should looks good and looks like you had a great time doing it!!

Ellie said...

This looks great and a great momento of your visit.
I think our Laura got one of these smash books to document wee Riley's early days and she suggested I get one for our big holiday at the end of the year. I think I might just get one :)