Thursday, April 3, 2014

License Plates

Lloyd and I have done a lot of driving these past few weeks.  I noticed that there are a lot of vanity license plates on vehicles these days so I started trying to take pictures of them while Lloyd drove. It's fun to try to figure out the 'code' and wonder about the owners' reasons for their choice in tags.  Here are a few I managed to capture.

Her personality, or her job???

I loved this one we saw on a license plate from Utah, USA.  It says
CDN4EVR - Canadian Forever. There are lots of Canadians
living in Utah. Its nice to know they love their homeland.

These drivers must like The Princess Bride, one of our
favorite movies.  The phrase 'as you wish' was the farmboy
Westley's way of telling Buttercup that he loved her.

The girl driving this car in Arizona obviously likes little blue
creatures 'two apples high'.

Team colors???

The perfect plates for a convertible - OPNSKYS

I don't know the story behind this one but I bet it's an
interesting one - PRPLSNO.  I've never seen purple snow.

I understand the GOLF, but not the PP, the name of a
favorite course maybe?

This one is anyone's guess.  Really.  Does anyone have a
guess about what this one might mean?  M4RITZA
I like this one that Lloyd found for me - GRMAZ - can only
mean Grandma's.
But this is my favorite one of all, found on the best food truck
in America - The Maine Lobster Lady.  Lloyd and I found out where
her truck was yesterday and went and feasted on her amazing Lobster

The best lunch in town!
Do you have vanity plates?  What's the most interesting, unusual, funny you've seen?



I don't see many vanity plates around here. But they are always interesting when you see them on the hwy. That lobster sounded scrumptious. LOVE that plate, for sure.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those plates are fun and we see a lot of them here too. I've no idea either about the one you couldn't figure out. Enjoyed the pictures!

Mickey said...

I had fun taking pics of license plates one trip. I felt guilty always wondering what people thought I was doing.

Bev said...

I have a Miata.... my plates are MYBEVIE.......a remember the car is mine...Brian bought it for me on HIS birthday:)