Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Wait Is Over

Five days past her due date, Olive Rosemarie Taylor finally came to join our family.  It wasn't easy but it certainly was exciting and we're all so thrilled to have this new little angel to love and spoil.

It amazes me how things have changed in labor and delivery procedures since I was having my babies.  Back then the fathers weren't allowed at the delivery.  When the babies were born they were whisked away to be washed, measured, checked over, etc. before finally being given to the mother to cuddle.

Yesterday, Allan was with Emily the whole time, and so was I.  And cameras were welcome.  Emily had opted for a water birth at a midwife-run birthing center.  It was a very soothing place to be but after 24 hours of labor it became apparent that medical intervention was necessary, so she was transferred to a nearby hospital. I must admit to feeling relieved to be in the familiar atmosphere of a hospital delivery room where I knew there would be everything necessary to assure a successful birth.  As it turns out, Olive came "sunny-side-up" as the doctor put it...face up instead of face down...a difficult birth presentation.  My first baby was like that and I was put out for the birth and he was extracted via forceps.  Emily was luckier than that, and a very strong pusher.  At 3:35 yesterday afternoon Olive was safely born with the doctor and nurses cheering her on, but not interfering.  Oh!...oh!....and guess who cut the cord...Me!  Allan didn't want to and the doctor asked if the grammie wanted to.  I didn't hesitate and jumped right in there!

Emily and Allan at the birthing center
 I think it's so nice that as soon as the baby was born she was placed on Emily's chest, covered with a blanket and just left there for an hour or so while the medical staff completed the birthing process and clean-up.  What a special time...and how quickly the agony turns to joy.
Emily and Olive,  five minutes after birth.

The Taylor family.

Happy Grammie. You can see the red ridge on Olive's forehead
where she was stuck, causing the long labor and difficult labor.

A new baby and her new Daddy.

Olive this morning - 18 hrs. old
 Isn't it amazing that the 21st grandchild brings the same attention, love and excitement to the family as the first one did almost 18 years ago.  It's something that never gets old and the love each baby brings with her is multiplied through the whole family.  Babies....there's nothing like them!

You can bet there'll be more pictures of this little lady on this blogsite for years to come.



Congratulations on the new baby. A welcome addition, indeed. She's precious.

Mickey said...

Such special time! Olive is such a cutie and will bring much joy to your family!
I love the photo of Olive looking up at her Daddy!
Congratulations Allan & Emily!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Congratulations on your newest grandchild. She is just beautiful. I know you must be very happy and very relieved too!

doodles n daydreams said...

Congratulations to the new parents and to the grandparents of course. I loved being able to be there for the births of my grandchildren, it's so special.
Welcome to the world little Olive Rosemarie, wishing you a long and happy life.


RoeH said...

Sooooo sweet. I love them when they are so new. What a miracle!

Granny Annie said...

I thought I had already commented here, but I just could not get over how young and beautiful and fresh Emily looks after just having given birth. Congratulations on beautiful Olive.

Delena said...

Babies are such a blessing. How wonderful everything turned out so well and congratulations! I love her name.