Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shower Time

A few weeks ago daughter, Sara, hosted a baby shower for daughter, Emily.  This is Emily's first baby and since we haven't had a new baby in our family for over three years, everyone's excited to see this new little addition.  The official due date is April 10 so Olive Rosemarie can make her appearance at any time now.

Sara outdid herself once again with this party.  She should have been an event planner - she has such wonderful ideas for theme partys, much to her childrens' delight when their birthdays roll around.  I got so involved in the fun that I forgot to take many pictures.  Here's what I have (along with a few from Sara).

The food table - those are bottles of fruit
flavored soda in case you're wondering.
Fresh fruit in cups with Nutella in the bottom

Raw vegetables in individual cups with ranch
dressing in the bottom

Baby face cupcakes made by Christie

Pink and white striped plastic popcorn cups filled with crunchy
sweet popcorn and nut mix, and assorted tarts, cookies and sweets. 

I love the little clothesline. Emily got to keep everything
hanging on it, as well as the books and toys on
the fireplace under the clothesline.

The three framed pictures are of Emily as a baby

Mickey, Charlie and Me

Emily in the seat of honor

Sara handed around a spool of tape and we all had to cut off a length
we thought would equal the span of Em's pregnant tummy.  Rachel won
but she cheated...she just put the tape around her own pregnant tummy
and cut it to that length!  Her baby is due a week after Emily's.

Have you ever seen this game?  Everyone was given an ice cube
with a plastic baby frozen inside.  Whosever 'water' broke first got
a prize.  I froze my hand trying to get that ice melted to free my 'baby'.

And of course there were gifts...lots and lots of gifts.
Among them were a couple dozen books for her
to read to her baby.  What a great gift for a child.

And a special card hand crafted by Mickey

Four of my girls.  We always miss Mary at these events but
she lives too far away to come to all of them.

Our hostess, Sara

One of the many books she received

DIL Cindy, DDs Amy, Sara and Jenny

Granddaughters Brooklyn (Cindy's) and Charlie (Sara`s)

Among the guests were four pregnant ladies, two ladies with new babies,
as well as other assorted friends and relatives.
A lovely way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby to the family.

Now all that remains is the waiting....any day now Emily!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It certainly was a lovely party. It' looks like the new mama got lots of nice things for the baby too! Baby showers are always happy times!

Emily M said...

Thanks for posting! I didn't get any pictures and no one's been sharing with me!


What a lovely shower. So nice for the momma to be. Bet you are all excited for the little one to arrive.

thisisme said...

Great post and wat gorgeous potos. Some of te keys on my laptop ae suddenly stopped working, so tis is going to look ery odd.!! Sorry! All te party tings looked absolutely terrifi. Very professional looking. Looks as if e eryone ad a super time.

RoeH said...

What neat decorations! I'm a loser at decorating. Not a gene in my body for that.

Mickey said...

the party decorations were outstanding as was the food!
a lovely shower for Emily and Olive! Can't wait to hear she's safely here in her parents arms!

Granny Annie said...

Why is our world in such a mess? Because all the talented, creative, problem solving, idea people are busy giving showers. Where in the world do they come up with all these wonderful ideas?

Anonymous said...

Sara always knows how to throw a good party !!